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Stanley Writes: The Use Of Inexperienced NABCO Recruits In Our Second Cycle Institutions


It is disheartening seeing how education in the country is being run now, and the worse is the secondary cycle level. First it was its’ unstable period of completion, second it was its’ free access which was a good initiative and I recommend the government for such an policy, so this isn’t the problem but the aftermath. Thirdly it is the double track which is uncalled for, but we had to accept the terms since it has the tendency of stabilizing the aftermath of the free access implementation. And now, complaints about using inexperienced NABCO recruits to teach in the Senior High level. This could result in a huge loss to the nation if unchecked. There would nonproductive youth, all the implantations and resources the nation is investing in the educational sector would amount to nothing.

The Council of Parents and Teachers Associations president, Mr. Alexander Yaw Danso took a trip throughout the nation visiting schools and interviewing students and parents, and the feedback he realized was the students are not well taught. He explained that there are some schools all the teachers he met there are from the NABCO recruitment. He wondered how experienced they’re to handle the affairs of the school. He also said there is extra classes organized to make up for the loss during the normal class sessions but teachers don’t utilize it, with the mindset that they could use that extra time to make money elsewhere.

Teachers not experienced, the students not well taught, and teachers grieving over extended periods for teaching, I believe these are caused by issues relating to those expressed later in this article. Before that, let’s look at what the NABCO says about the teachers they dispatched to go and impact our future leaders through teaching and learning.

“Educate Ghana
Graduate teachers in an “Educate Ghana” programme will focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and other relevant subjects in primary and secondary schools across the country. Also, with the expansion of early childhood facilities and its mainstreaming with basic education, skills upgrading of NABCO trainees could offer possible permanent jobs in kindergartens and preschool settings.

On the technology component of this module, fellows are required to apply their skills in areas such as: library and archival, nonformal education programmes, digital and mobile libraries programme. The Ministry of Education has reviewed its ongoing programmes and have indicated an uptake of over 10,000 NABCO trainees.”

Causes of The Problems Realized

No Restriction On Application

The NABCO recruitment had six modules applicants should choose from and is composed of Heal Ghana, Educate Ghana, Digitize Ghana, Feed Ghana, Revenue Ghana and Civic Ghana. Among the modules, only Heal Ghana was made mandatory for applicants with background in medical practices. The Educate Ghana which is meant for supporting the education industry of the country though stated emphatically that it is for graduate teachers, there was no restriction on applying as the Heal Ghana demanded some special code given to applicants as registered nurses.

I hope every trained teacher has such code or license, but it wasn’t required so everyone from any background applied. The initiators of the program realized how important health is to our lives but not as much as education, I don’t argue with that. But least they thought that same students would go the long way to become the medical practioners we need in our lives.

Same strict application process used for the Heal Ghana should have been used for the Educate Ghana. Imagine a school having no teacher with teaching background. Its sad how we think everyone can teach without having the training. Being a teacher is not all about standing in front of students talking because you know or academically inclined.

A teacher is also someone psychologically and emotionally intelligent to handle the affairs of the lives entrusted in his or her care. So every professional teacher has read psychology and is a psychologist to some extent.

Absence Of Incentives For Teachers

I was imagining how stressful teachers could become with the current trend of our education system. I asked myself would there be any incentives or renumeration for them? If no, then guess what, even if God has told Kofi that teaching is his purpose on earth, Kofi would do the teaching with of grievances.

We cheat teachers as a nation, we undermine them. But if Ghana has improved, let’s clap for teachers because they have an indirect stake in the affairs of the nation. So if a teacher could help a child to become a resourceful citizen for the nation, why don’t we pay them well and give them the support they need to facilitate their work?


There are some NABCO applicants who are employed already but just wanted to take advantage of the scheme. Either because they are underpaid or whatever evil intention it could be. As a result, you’ll realize there are ten teachers assigned to a school, but only few are active. There would always be some that are not up to task because he or she shares time somewhere making extra money. At the end of the day the students are not well taught, lacking in some subjects because teacher isn’t regular.


The unrestricted application system has yielded in recruiting into the education filed compulsory teachers already. Too late. However, regular training sessions should be implemented. It would be inconvenient to send some to the basic schools, but if its necessary, the authorities shouldn’t hesitate, atleast in the same town so that the inconveniences with accommodation would be taken care of.

It is good to have few teachers who deliver quality than to have plenty who are not up to the task.

I suggest strict systems for checking attendance be put in place and no room for favoratism or faulters. This would help fish out those who want to cheat the system.

It is no news if I say teachers should be remunerated. Its something we have heard for generations and never fruited. But with the current situation at hand, authorities should reconsider it and motivate them respectively so that they can give in their best.

When it comes to the educational needs of the country, especially in the public sector, authorities are reluctant in implementing strategic ideas to make the sector improved. And I wonder if its because their wards suffer less the consequences of whatever may happen.

If the quality delivery of our education is diluted, parents would be left with no option than to hire private teachers for extra tuition which would make basic education not free, technically. And also, the nation would suffer a huge loss of unproductivity.

I urge all stakeholders of Ghana’s educational syste , secondary cycle to be precise to develop a keen interest about the matters arising in the sector to channel all the efforts of the nation towards the sector into an awesomely positive finishing.

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