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Stanley Writes: The Three Missing Girls ; Is It A Matter Of Interest To The Nation?


With every day that passes by and the incidents the media brings, sadness grips my heart and never let go for days. Rhetorically I ask if we’re really in 21st century. Or maybe what the century brought to us is social media addiction, the only advantage the African is experiencing in the technological era.

With incidents that happen in this country, I ask which is of highest interest to our leaders? Social issues threatening lives of citizens as a whole or narrowed to lives of citizens relating to politics alone? Or tackling issues that massively remarks a particular political party?

Isn’t it just about a month ago that “Ghanaian” citizens, young girls who got missing though in last year gained lots of waves on the media? Why are we giving up on them? forgetting them so soon because another life and death issue relating to politics (by-election saga) has set in. I’ve been waiting patiently with high hopes that something positive would come out of the investigation, but perhaps I’m too hopeful.

I know for sure the investigation about the death of the investigative journalist Ahmed Suale, may his soul rest in peace – would also fade and nothing substantial would come out as it is now. Our enthusiasm in finding truth into matters die eventually making authorities relax, taking us for granted.

Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21 years got missing on 17 August last year, Ruth Love Quayson, 18, got missing on 4th December 2018, Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, a 18 year old girl whose face sends tears to my eyes also was last seen 21st December, 2018 have not been found. It was like a national issue but seems the nation is not interested in their incidents anymore.

To some extent, thinking about our country and the future excites me, there are some positives ahead, but if the projections are made from how issues are handled now, how the public react – way of reasoning, and security threats arising it gives me nightmares as a citizen really.

We are not secured anymore, how could an arrested kidnapper break jail and flee by the help of a police investigator and another fellow he doesn’t even know? Even our security centers aren’t secured. An indication that the whole kidnapping event was orchestrated and run by affluent personality/ personalities having some people including agents in the security services as puppets.

I can’t also understand why we are in this era and it’s still taking us centuries to unveil the whereabouts of this missing girls. I don’t want to imagine the abuse they’re going through. Is Ghana that poor to afford implementation of good equipments and strategies to investigate issues as this, or its not of national interest? Then which is? Then we are really poor! If it happened to a child of any of the members in parliament, you’ll realize the asset and wealth Ghana has to unmask the culprits.

People fear to walk in the streets at night these days. The problem is you would be abused and the laws can’t fight for you. Yes, the laws are effective on the poor, but for the rich. The wrongs are freed, the innocents rot in jail. Ghana is not a secured country to be even as a citizen like it used to be.

So the other day Martin Amidu asked BNI to go to MTN to retrieve the conversations of Hassan Ayariga for investigations. If this could be done, then I’m wondering if the kidnapper arrested had phone or similar gadget that conversations could be retrieved. Or because this issue is just a social issue relating to some ordinary citizens, not politics so such investigations can’t be adopted right?

One annoying thing I heard this morning about a prophet saying the parents of these young girls should forget ever sighting their wards again. God revealed that to him, and never told him where the girls are, either dead or alive right? Such mind and emotional games some “self acclaimed” men of God play is really a national problem too that dreadful sanctions should be put across.

These missing girls issue has troubled me for days, and I know if we relax or tend to forget, and leave it for affected families alone, the police and authorities would relax too, I can bet with my life – nothing good would come out of it till it fades as we are seeing now. We should keep pushing. Let’s let authorities know we haven’t forgotten about it. How long would issues as this go unsolved?

What would scare criminals when they know once they engage in an act, abuse someone even to the extent of taking the persons life they can go free, because the nation is weak security wise, and the general public would make rants for two days and that’s all.

Let’s remind the leaders of the nation (both current and opposition) that our lives and that of our children in the present and future matters. If they can invest much into their political ambitions (buying cars in unimaginable numbers and dishing them to faithfuls) they should consider security and investigations of social vices also. Because I’m sure if this happened somewhere, the truth would have been realized by now.

Our lives as citizens matter – our security. If your party and power is all that inspires you, you don’t deserve to lead us. Let’s carry this message to them.

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