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Stanley Writes: Celebrities Don’t Owe You Special Favours – Leave Sarkodie Alone

I wonder why some fans think that celebrities owe them special favours. They even detect how one should spend his or her wealth once they become a celebrity. Some acts they will tag as waste of money and others they will tag as stinginess, what happens to frugality?

Sarkodie after his beef with once a good friend Shatta Wale has been tagged as stingy proceeding a sharp contrast made between him and the latter. At this point, I don’t understand my fellow Ghanaians any more, I stand do differ.

The accusers are of the view that Sarkodie doesn’t give, just because he’s not been spotted sharing money on the media or bragging about how he has helped someone. And even this is against the ethics of charity. Should he mount crusades like others preaching about how they help others, spreading money on bed, videoing charity works and stuff? He’s beyond that, and I wonder why some people want him to do so.

Sarkodie is just frugal, not stingy. He’s a family man. Has a wife, kid and family. He worked for his money, he is entitled to help whoever he wants with his wealth, and I don’t understand why you expect him to be throwing it on the streets as if he picked them from the streets.

Yes, a fan said if he’s a family man then his family should listen to his songs. Isn’t this funny? Is like buying a meal from a restaurant and expecting them to give you extra money just because you patronized their meal. Was there not an exchange? You paid for something you enjoyed right? Besides, he didn’t force you to buy or download his songs. They are his arts, his sweats and efforts, you loved it and bought it. So why do you want him to give you money for enjoying his sweats?

Actor Prince David Osei once said that the way people troop to his platform to beg for favours he is even scared currently to post a fine boy picture. He admitted that they also face problems and he is looking forward to that day where someone will bump into him and dish him some CEDI’s.

The celebrity world is all about glamour and elegance. However, they are under lot of deals ranging from fashion, tours, eateries and many more. So when you see them in those flashy environments, wearing those attires like celestials, understand they are under deals and sponsorships. So they mostly enjoy what they dont have (not meaning they can’t afford). They have problems too.

You don’t do any celebrity a favour that he or she has to return. You enjoy their arts, and you paid for them. Or did you patronize them out of pity or compulsion or influenced by promises from them? Or did you pay for their studio sessions, and the make ups of their good arts?

However, they can give back to the community by undertaking projects like constructing bore holes, roads, schools and others, and even this is not compulsory, and this is what we should fight for, not because someone throws money on the streets so he’s generous. How many celebrities are doing this? So why singling out Sarkodie and put the stinginess medal on his neck? Then its mere hatred. The fact that he doesn’t share money on the streets doesn’t make him stingy, he’s frugal. We should leave him alone.

Every rational person who understood his/her struggle to reach heights understand the value of every penny and doesn’t go about throwing them as if they picked them from the ground. How many globally rich personalities in the world live like how we want him to live? They are frugal.

Let’s stop putting pressure on our celebrities. We force them to live fake lives and then turn around to chide them. We are not being fair.

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