Stanley Writes: Bloody Widow? When The “Honourables” Are Not Honourable

There is a lot happening in the country now and it’s making me wonder if this is the Ghana I’ve loved and prided myself with all this while. And even dreams about the future scare me – forecasts from the happenings now.

I thought Ghana was a peaceful, democratic and such a lawful country but I was wrong. Maybe I was influenced by my optimistic personality to see the country that way, or maybe it was truly the paragon of a peaceful, democratic and lawful country but just started drifting away to what we are shy to refer to as a democratic nation with effective laws.

However it is, with how Ghana has reached now there are two people I put the blame on; the Honourables and the Citizens which I’m part of.

I’m really having a hard time discerning why citizens in our right senses would give power to just anyone capable of filling our pockets with “papers” that would not last. Upon sighting money we forget what we know as what a leader should possess. Then we go and join long queues in sultry days 24 hours just to elect someone who doesn’t fit the word Honourable to come and lead this honourable country. What takes your interest – your party, your personal self, or the nation Ghana?

That group of citizens acclaimed opinion leaders are also to be blamed. The leaders of religious bodies whom for some personal gains endorse politicians who then are given power and misuse it are to be questioned. If I support violence and instant justice like I will advocate these opinion leaders are brought to the heart of towns and lashed!

Do Members of Parliament really understand the meaning of their title “honourable”? I doubt, because they came to meet it. Yes, honour is earned. Why would they respect the title themselves when we were blinded by their wealth and just dished it out to them. Rating the 110 MP’s that the nation has about only 20% fit for the honourable title.

They use about 80% of working hours to deliberate on unnecessary things that wouldn’t benefit the nation, smelling with corruption and embezzlement of state funds for personal gains…honourables indeed.

Name one MP you know is honourable and he would be added to the 20%. The rest that can’t be classified are the speechless and dormant ones. Maybe they’re dormant for a reason, because their activeness would show the most non-honourable sides of them as well.

Regarding the current issue at parliament about the newly elected honourable, Lydia Alhassan and how the opposition party childishly reacted is really uncultured. How could they call her ” Bloody Widow”? Who really coined that term? Perhaps there are some things they know about the woman and her deceased husband that the general public doesn’t know. They must let us know.

It could be true the NPP caused the chaos that occurred at the by-election, yet the proper means of addressing the issue is pressing charges against the Electoral Commission or the entire NPP party, it’s unwise to attack the widow as a unit, to the extent of calling her bloody widow? That’s very disgracing on the part of the NDC party.

Imagining how so called honourables could meet on the media and assault themselves verbally and physically. Some have their personal media houses so when they are on air no one could check on what they say, it makes me wonder if they really are honourable.

It’s about time we let them know that we didn’t join queues on sultry days to elect them to be indulging in these childishness and keep on paying them with fat salaries out of our sweats and still lavish them with heaps of incentives. Yes, its really annoying.

The title accords respect and admiration, we should let these so called honourables we have wielded power into their hands know that we are discerned now, we are matured and intellectual and wouldn’t fall for any of their tricks anymore, the fat envelopes can’t entice us anymore, if they’re not really honourable as their title mean, and would live by vulgarity, corruption, and any activity that goes contrary to what honourable mean, they would be dropped next term.

If only the honourables would do the honourable things, only the honourable things, like Ghana I can bet with my life would be the next best country in Africa and amongst the world’s best in just five years.

Ghana Over Party!

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