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Sometimes a man’s purpose in a woman’s life is to make her better for another man – Man claims

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Romantic relationship are ideally meant to last a lifetime, it’s almost always the reason people fall in love, to love each other, correct flaws and complement one another for the rest of their lives.

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Unfortunately, only a few relationships see the happy ever after we all seek, and many have wondered why their efforts in building something that held so much promise goes down the drain.

Well, a netizen has sought to rationalize such break ups, saying sometimes one is just a caretaker.

Netizen Faisal Dangote claims that, sometimes a man’s purpose in a woman’s life is to make her a better woman for some other man to enjoy, and we believe the other way round is also true.

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Of course it isn’t an easy or fair pill to swallow and the acceptance of such a philosophy is not easy but the substance in his statement is undeniably true, especially in cases where the lady clearly benefitted financially from the relationship and left when the man was broke.

He advices that the man must accept his role in such a woman’s life and never try to force a relationship as that will exacerbate his situation.

Sometimes a man’s purpose in a woman’s life is to help her become a better woman for another man” he wrote in a Facebook post.


While his claims may seem to be legitimizing and normalizing the canker known as gold digging, it actually also serves as great advice to people in love to live in the moment.

Of course people want to plan for the future, but the uncertain nature of relationships today means one must only live in the moment, enjoy the relationship while it lasts and never hesitate to make the other person better.

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Marriage shouldn’t be the only end with dating as a means. Dating should be seen as a partnership for complementing each other and when the terms aren’t so favorable such that the partnerships can thrive on a fertile ground, the best is to let go knowing you enjoyed every bit of the partnership while taking vital lessons from it.

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