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Someone’s enemy can be your helper, never fight a battle that’s not yours – Man advises

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Holes have been punched into a popular saying that states that ‘my friend’s enemy is my enemy’ by a netizen, asserting that inheriting someone’s enemy could prove detrimental.

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Friends are supposed to have the backs of each other, and most often they’re expected to not like other people their friends hate.

Sometimes too, in an effort to belong or show loyalty to a friend, one inadvertently or intentionally hates on people they have no personal reason to hate just to show loyalty.

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A man has, in liu of this, sent a piece of advice to people in this practise, warning that those inherited enemies could one day prove to be their lifeline and helper, and hating them without cause could block that help.

He therefore advised such people to be careful and choose wisely the battles they fight, especially when the battle is not theirs, else they could lose help when they need it the most.

Someone’s enemy can be your helper,Be careful on how you fight battle that are not yours.” he wrote

Editors take

Dissecting this post, I think it is worth a million shares, likes whatever because the lessons worth picking from this is enormous.

Even if the person would never become a helper in your lifetime, hating on someone just because your friend hates him is moot and blatantly silly in all sense of fairness.

To conclude, never inherit enemies. If a friendship requires that you inherit enemies, that relationship is not healthy and it’s potentially toxic and you need to run from it now.

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