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Some ladies will sleep with you just to copy your style and teach their boyfriends – Man warns

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You can never be sure of the intentions of others, no matter how far fetched it might sound. That’s why a warning by a netizen, although seemingly far fetched must be brough to your attention.

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The tweep raises concern over a possibility of a lady luring a man to bed, only to learn his bedmatic skills and transfer the knowledge unto her actual boyfriend so he can up his game.

Taking to Twitter, Casmir Ekene as part of the fear women trend, intimated that, to be on the safer side of not having their proprietary waist game being stolen by whatever means, it is best that guys probe the intention of any lady that offers herself to them.

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Some ladies will sleep with you just to copy your seks styles and go teach their boyfriends…Stay woke Guys!!” he wrote

Casmir’s tweet

While I believe ladies value their dignity so much not to go this length to learn something that could be learned a countless other ways, the warning is more applicable in other spheres of life.

Too often, people with ulterior motives pretend to give something we want but all the while stealing something much more precious to us.


It is therefore prudent that one is not too trusting that when the signs are clear, they’re ignored because we can’t fathom the idea of the person in question hurting us in anyway.