Society’s hypocrisy on Gender Equality exposed – or let’s just say flipped

The same society that’s changed it’s view on the role of the man has refused to recede on its expectations of the woman in society.

The woman is expected to provide for the family no matter how much her husband is paid.

She has no choice than to work hard because for her, not only is her dignity as a woman at stake, the wailing empty stomachs of her family will deny her a tranquil sleep at night. So understandably she is more aggressive because succeeding isn’t a choice, it is a must.

She can’t fail in life, because no man will come marry and take care of her, society doesn’t expect that of a man. It’s the womans duty.

She’s expected to be intrepid, can’t show any sign of weakness or need. Real women don’t cry. She is expected to risk her life and even lay it down for her husband and kids should that be the only way for them to survive.

No one cares if her husband is the CEO of Heaven, if her kids go hungry, she’s irresponsible and half a woman.

Understandably she can’t be less ambitious just to make room for some men’s low level of ambition because her’s is not one fueled by the need for parity, but the need to survive and meet the expectations of a scornful society.

Writer: Joseph Naah-Yerreh (Dada Joe)

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