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Sleeping with him during his hustling days doesn’t mean you were there when he had nothing – Lady says


It is commonplace to hear a lady complaining of sticking by the side of a guy who had nothing and getting dumped the moment he began to make some good amount of money.

Such ladies portray these guys as devils and ingrates who doesn’t deserve a good woman, some even go ahead to curse them and call them all sorts of names.

One lady though, has raised a valid point, at least to the numerous netizens who retweeted it, saying a clear definition for being there for someone should be spelt out.

She explains that all that some of these ladies who complain do is just sleep with a guy while he is still a hustler but never really offer a hand of support to help get him up there.

The netizen, Benita Edet believes such ladies have no right to claim they were there for him during his hustling days because being there for someone, entails more than just sleeping with him or her.

Having [it] with him during his hustling stage doesn’t mean you were there when he had nothing.????????????” she wrote.

Dissecting her post, her assertion is quite valid because copulation is enjoyment for the two, and if all that happened was a relationship that didn’t transcend the bedroom to actually helping him achieve whatever gains he has, then it is unfair to claim foul play.

It should be acknowledged also that it can also be true that some guys can outrightly be ungrateful, and leave people who didn’t abandon them when they had nothing, probably providing psychological support which sometimes is crucial to keeping things together and not giving up.

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