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Sista Afia Curses Herself With “Antoa” gods That Bisa Kdei Has Never Chopped Her Before

Sista Afia / Bisa Kdei

Ghanaian 2 weeks rapper and singer Sista Afia has finally reacted to ongoing rumors that Bisa Kdei has chopped her before.


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A lot netizen as well as some of her female colleagues in the music industry has continuously claimed that she has been chopped by some of the male musicians including Bisa Kdei.

During an interview with celebrity blogger Zion Felix, the singer revealed Bisa Kdei is like a brother to her and he cannot have S*x with her.

Well, she was quizzed whether she can swear with her life that Bisa Kdei has never chopped her.


Right after the question, Sista Afia proceed to swear by using popular Ghanaian river gods “Antoa” which is based in Ashanti region saying that he has never had such relationship with Bisa Kdei.

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