SirObama lashes out at Esther Tawiah: “You were sacked for stealing Nana Addo’s 2008 campaign funds meant for Media”

In the wake of the gender sensitive and quite realistic comments the president of Ghana made at the Women Deliver conference at Canada, a gender Advocate called Esther Tawiah granted an interview to wade in on the issue and ended up assigning the president some distasteful words which has incensed some NPP supporters.

Some members of the NPP have revealed shocking details of how the said lady, Esther Tawiah allegedly pocketed GHC50K which was meant for the media from Nana Addo during the 2008 campaign season.

One of such who has taken a dig at Esther is Sir Obama Pokuase, an ardent supporter of the NPP. Read his Epistle to Esther below.

Dear Esther Tawiah,

It’s quite unfortunate I have to write you this short epistle in the era of epistles(apologies to Mahama Ayariga and Martin Amidu)

I watched the interview you granted Kwaku Temeng of GhOnetv with goosebumps fuelled by revulsion, where you described the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo amongst other things as “unattractive” just because he made a realistic and candid opinion on gender issues in Canada of which you hold a contrary view.

I have no problem with criticisms but I detest disrespect, arrogance and pride. It’s on the backdrop of this infantile attitude of yours that has compelled me to dig for more information about you. Incontestable evidence before me indicates, that you diverted campaign funds of then candidate Akufo-Addo that was meant for the media prior to the 2008 elections for which you were dismissed from the campaign team. It therefore comes as no surprise that because of your bitterness and envy, you’re clutching on this straw to make yourself relevant in the political/media landscape.

Your description of the president as “unattractive”, compels me to ask the following questions;

a. have you taken time to look at yourself in the mirror?

b. What’s attractive about you?

c. Is it your mop-like wigs [“akokɔ mɛfe”]?

d. Your wrinkled face?

e. Your fallen & hijacked boobs?

f. Or your flat ‘ass'(equivalent to ₵2.00 worth of fufu in Accra)?

I’m restraining myself a lot, but lest I forget, can you produce on social media, a picture of your relative(preferably your father) at age 75 who looks very fresh, intelligent, charismatic like the president?

It’s imperative for you and your “pepperdem” cohorts to understand, that you cannot hide behind the cloak of a supposed “feminism advocacy” to spew such bunkum and balderdash. Learn to accord respect to whom it’s due.

It’ll be in your interest to apologize to the president, the government and good people of Ghana to save you from further embarrassment.

Sir Obama Pokuase

(Proper Gender Activist)

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