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Single ladies walking in town with earphones, how will you hear Mr. Right calling? – Man quizzes

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Earphones, a mobile accessory which helps one listen to audio privately has become an essential part of the daily life of youths.

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Despite its uses and convenience, it seems it might be doing a section of the public a disservice, especially those who are unattached in terms of romantic relationships, according to a netizen.

The Facebook user, has raised a seemingly valid point in quizzing about one demerit of the use of earphones in public that we may have not paid much attention to.

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In a Facebook post, Ivan Adu asked how ladies who are single and searching will hear calls from potential suitors when they’re in public and have their ears plugged with earphones.

He reckons such ladies should be serious because the act may represent missed opportunities to meet potential life partners.

Some girls are not serious, u are single and u walking with earpiece in ur ear, if a guy call you now, how will you hear? He wrote.

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