Home Editorial Being Single declared a disability: WHO

Being Single declared a disability: WHO


It was announced by the World Health Organization officials themselves that being single is a disability. The controversial announcement by WHO says that single men and women who aspire to have their own families and offspring but are unable to find partners are considered disabled. The headlines regarding the new label shocked millions of lonely souls around the globe.


WHO is very firm in their stand that every person in living in the world have the right to reproduce. Unfortunately some people whether they are homosexual or heterosexual are unable or unlucky to find their desired partners. The new guidelines set by WHO stressed out that the inability to find partners can be equated to infertility!

The new announcement attracted legions of detractors. Most of them point out that WHO should only care for medical concerns rather than personal choices. Yes it’s true, some people are single by choice, or single because they are unable to have partners. Fortunately the WHO’s standards are not yet ratified for worldwide imposition.

Source: Lucis PH