Showboy reveals he has been protecting Shatta Wale from getting beaten in US, explains why

Ghanaian youngster named Showboy who is currently incarcerated in the United States of America has revealed that he been acting as Shatta Wale’s guardian angel for sometime now.

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According to the member of the Arab Money Gang AMG, Shatta Wale has a lot of targets on his back in the US and had it not been him who out of love, prevents such attacks on him, Shatta would have seen the ugly side of America anytime he step foot there.

Explaining why he does that, He claimed he considers Shatta Wale as his Godfather and although he is not clean himself, he still protects those he loves and Shatta Wale has his undying love and that’s why he continues to shield him from such attacks.

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Alot of niggaz want to beat shatta wale when he comes to America . I tell them naaa that’s not happening .shatta wale is ma Godfather no matter what .Y’all don’t touch him or plot evil on him .. yes I do the dirty works on the streets .. if I love u .I protect u as much as I can” he wrote

Showboy is currently serving a prison term in the US for stabbing his former friend, the late Junior US who was later shot to death in an apparent robbery attack.