Home General News SHOCKING: These police officers were killed by civilians.

SHOCKING: These police officers were killed by civilians.

The Ghana police service is mandated by law to protect the lives and property of citizens and to ensure law and order in our day to day activities.

The service has been in the news for all the bad reasons. Recent incidents which has received extensive media coverage has affected the police public relations.

In the midst of the public outrage, CitiNewsroom released an infographic listing the number of police killings since December 2017. It showed the police had killed 22 with the most recent being the Asewase seven accused of being armed robbers.

In their defence, images making rounds and supposedly put together by some members of the police service shows the gruesome images of some police officers killed in their line of duty.

Some police officers have been accusing the public of being unfair to them especially in the light of the recent assault by a police officer on a customer of Midlands savings and loans.


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