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Shock as Native Doctor Impregnates Wife of Pastor


A Native priest in Nigerian state of Anambra has been identified as the man responsible for impregnating the wife of a pastor, reports Radioessanews.

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The incident occurred in the city of Onitsha where the pastor’s wife, reportedly had been waiting on God anxiously for a child without any sign and had lost hope.

As a last resort, she  decided to venture into other means by going to meet the native doctor and along the line she successfully became pregnant.

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The pastor who suspected foul play delved deep into the pregnancy and to the shock of all, it was traced to the native doctor who is a chief priest in a shrine.

The native doctor known as Ebeano-Dike, is generally known and patronized by the people within Osha district in Onitsha.

See Photo of the pastor and the wife below

Wife of pastor. Source: radioesannews
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