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She gave birth to triplets at 52years after being married for 17 years – Don’t give up

A 52- year- old woman has given birth to triplets, you’re probably thinking that’s a usual occurrence. Maybe, but her story is quite amazing.

Mrs. Anotode has been married for more than 17 years and has been dealing with fertility issues since the very first day.

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For a typical African family, the absence of a child in a family after marriage is a major concern especially for the woman.

For 17 years she had to deal with the issue of barrenness while waiting anciously on God perhaps for a miracle.

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For her to give birth to triplets is a blessing and a sign that we shouldn’t give up.

For those who are waiting anxiously on God for one favour or the other, it may seem like an awfully long wait.

It is in human nature for us to worry and get weary over certain things even though it cannot change anything.

Being childless is a situation that will test and change anyone’s faith. Only those who are steadfast and strong enough will get through this ordeal with songs of victory.

The 52-year-old woman has a story to tell, however, the birth of her triplet has become a testimony. A big congratulations to her and husband.

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