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Sarkodie’s song ‘Saara’ occurs in real life as man narrates his friend’s ordeal

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When Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie said in his song “Saara” that even if his lady cheats on him, he will forgive and take her back, people thought it was insane and could only happen in movies.

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Well, the saara type of love story has been told and this time it was a real life occurence.

Twitter user @thequintman has narrated how his friend suffered at the hands of love, even going to the extent of taking back his girlfriend after she cheated and got impregnated by another man.

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I have seen Sarkodie’s song Saara in real life. “Wo fa makyi koraa mep3 wo saa”.My friend and his girl dated for over 2 years. When the girl left him, I asked her why and she said my friend was just insecured. He was always complaining about her friendship with her male friend.

It was later then my friend told me what actually happened. The said male friend impregnated the girl and then my friend loving her girl Saara took her to some clinic for abortion. )se obi anyem girl no koraa, )p3 naade3 saa.

But the girl later became paranoid, knowing my friend might use it against her and leave her someday. So she decided to break up before my friend thinks of it. Come and see crying. My friend cried like a baby.

Obi adi wo girl anyem no na )no ankasa agyae wo a, wo ma no ny3 wo d3. Ad3n a wop3 no still. We all called the girl to change her mind but to no avail. The guys mum called, even the girl’s mum tried changing the girl’s mind. All that time we didn’t know the real issue.

Someone f**ks your girl and impregnate her but you still want her. )d) mu 3du oo. Chale