Home General News “Sack 54 MPs for Truancy” – Fighters petition Speaker

“Sack 54 MPs for Truancy” – Fighters petition Speaker


A group calling itself the Economic Fighters League has issued a petition to the speaker of Parliament, Hon. Prof. Aaron Mike Ocquay, calling on him to sack MPs who have absented themselves from more than 15 Parliamentary sittings without prior approval from parliament and without provision of reasonable explanation to their Truancy.

Article 97(1) of the 1992 constitution states that:

“(1) A member of Parliament shall vacate his seat in Parliament –

(a) upon a dissolution of Parliament; or

(b) if he is elected as Speaker of Parliament; or

(c) if he is absent, without the permission in writing of the Speaker and he is unable to offer a reasonable explanation to the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges from fifteen sittings of a meeting of Parliament during any period that Parliament has been summoned to meet and continues to meet; “

They’re therefore calling on the speaker to apply the law to the letter as the listed MPs have clearly violated it(Constitution) and the standing orders of parliament.

Find the petition and list of defaulting MPs below.

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