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Riches Writes : Guarding The Scope Of Your Calling And Assignment


I thank God for the capacity given me to speak on this prevailing matter from the excerpts of my second book, ‘’ Guarding the scope of your calling and assignment”. I hope you find this synopsis a helpful material to your calling too. I may not know exactly what God has actually called or commissioned many of us to do, but whatever it is, please make sure you don’t forget these verses of scriptures; Matthew 7: 21-23.

Doing great or small things in the name of the lord does not always reflect His divine will and can never substitute or guarantee his perfect will because it was successful or wonderful.

Many great and small ministers alike, have fallen prey to this subtle strategy of the devil to deny them of their final heavenly crown (reward) and place, after all their earthly toil to do something for the lord!

Forgetting or refusing to see and acknowledging the scope; extent, range, breath, width, reach, stretch, sphere, field, realm, jurisdiction, limits, political realities, opportunities and threats of your ministry or assignment is a major disaster in the eyes of the lord.

Many a times, our vision takes us over-board because of excitements, the applause and support of men, the financial capacity, the human resource ability to undertake any projects we want to, our big influence to create and control a social or political currents and the influences of people with similar visions.

The fall of John the Baptist is one typical example I can site from the Bible. The very major reason why I believe Jesus Christ did not want to have anything to do with John the Baptist imprisonment (not even a visit) was to avoid a political anarchy between himself(Jesus), Herodias, Herod and all his political subjects and supports.

At an early stage of Jesus’s ministry, this would not be so healthy and absolutely unnecessary to the achievement of his divine purpose. He (Jesus) was very much aware of the scope of his assignment, his cousin has rather gone too far with his. He wouldn’t risk his own assignment (ministry) in an attempt to go to his rescue or even talked about it.

John the Baptist was called to preach repentance, the kingdom of God and criticized the religious leaders of their days (ultimately prepare the way for Christ); he’s called religious leaders all sorts of names like brood of vipers, wicked and sinful men, children of the devil etc, and no man could lift a hand against him, why? because the people believed that was what he was called for, (a prophet of God). Not until he breached his scope to enter into a political arena, no hand and voice(authority) could have touched or reached him.

According to the gospels of Matthew and Mark, John the Baptist had been imprisoned because he condemned Herod Antipas (the king, president,) for divorcing his wife and unlawfully taking Herodias, the wife of his brother Herod Philip. Out of revenge for criticizing her marriage to Herod, Herodias told Salome(daughter) to ask for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Although Herod was dismayed by the request, he reluctantly agrees to have John executed in the prison of Machaerus.

These are some of the things that happen when we veer off from the main assignment we have been given to do.My humble submission to Dr Mensah Otabil & all religious leaders on the defunct Capital bank saga.

Please Dr. Otabil, on the issue of the Capital bank defunct, I stand with you also, no man is an island when it comes to making mistakes; but I cannot be religiously sentimental against Ghana, the economy, the rule of laws, the general body of Christ and what the church of God truly stand for (peace and righteousness), as some are rather posing on the social media, ‘I stand with Otabil’. For this reason, I plead that you continue to maintain your gentle composer and empathize with the people of Ghana on this issue, and no one will tell Ghanaians to stand with you.

After God has vindicated you, please try and guard the scope of the assignment he has given you; let all other religious leaders learn from this for the betterment of our Nation and Church. We can never downplay the excellence you have exhibited over the years as a Pastor.

To all ICGC pastors and members, I understand your concern for our father; no matter how Jonathan loved David, he could never have joined in battle against his own father, (Saul); It will be more appropriate we stand with our father in prayer than in mere defensive, self-justifying and protective words. This undermines the real mission of the church, raises more objections against it and questions the integrity and mandates of its Pastors.

Let’s righteousness, love and peace reign in our mother land Ghana, shalom,Peace and life to all! Amen.

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