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Revealed: Why unlike men, women hardly get caught cheating

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A social commentator who goes by the name Kweku Agyemang Duah Jnr. has thrown more light on the mystery behind why ladies barely get caught cheating.

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In a facebook post, Kweku Agyemang said among other things that men first of all are less prying than women when it comes to their partners’ private affairs and generally trust that their wife or girlfriend wouldn’t cheat.

He went on to say that men mostly get caught because some sidechicks refuse to stick to the terms of the agreement and therefore leave clues that eventually lead the main to apprehend their husband or boyfriend.

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He Wrote:
Women don’t cheat smarter, we sideniggas happen to like our peace of mind and aren’t overtly dramatic. Heck we do not want anyone knowing we contribute to the cheating statistic. It’s that simple.

The only reason men get caught cheating is because sidechics usually want extra communication and this leaves too many clues, we side niggas just smash, clean our mouths and go along like nothing happened.

Then there are those sidechics who wish to replace the main by intentionally leaving clues, texting the main and calling homie when they know he is with the main. Like wtf? And some deliberately try to get pregnant, imagine if side niggas did all of these i bet most of y’all cheating women will be caught in a blink.

Finally unlike women, men don’t go poking to see if their women are cheating or not because more often they are confident their girlfriend or wives wouldn’t cheat on them. So it’s not about women being smart about cheating, men rarely want unnecessary stress.

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