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Revealed: Did Government work with Menzgold to ship 750kg of Gold to Dubai?


Nsemwoha is privy to information pertaining to a 750kg gold consignment shipped to a company in Dubai which was recommended to Menzgold by the government of Ghana.

A certain Stanley broke news of the deal through Facebook. He revealed in the post that Menzgold shipped 750kg of gold worth 28million dollars to Horizon Royal Diamonds in Dubai, this company he said was recommended to NAM 1 by the government of Ghana.

Payment has not even been made yet to menzgold because it was a recent transaction before the recent issue. When the menzgold issue came up, NAM 1 decided to chase all those money to pay off customers and that’s what he’s been busy doing. He said government was aware of his plans and they were in touch with him.

Minister of information came out with a statement stating in general that government had no direct dealings with the embattled company.

If this allegations is can be proved as promised, it will represent a paradigm shift in the entire Menzgold brouhaha.

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