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Respect your man, other girls better than you want him but he chooses you – Lady advises


It is common human behavior to take for granted what we have until it is taken away from us that we see the huge vacuum that particularly thing or person leave and how important they’re to us.

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It is in light of this that a lady has taken her time to advise her fellow females, to be appreciative of their their male spouses and show them the utmost respect, because he fights an unseen battle everyday just to return to them.

Explaining her point, netizen Stelly Desmond intimated that, husbands meet more beautiful and endowed ladies out there everyday who desperately want them, but they keep their head straight and chooses to be with their wife.

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For this, she asks that women appreciate what they have and show respect to their partners for their sacrifices.

Respect ur man because so many Woman want him. some of them are even better than u in everything but he chooses u” she wrote

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