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Raise men to learn there’s nothing wrong with helping one’s wife with house chores – Man advises


Advice has gone to parents, to make it a point to raise their boys to be men who know there is absolutely nothing wrong with helping their wife out with house chores

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Traditionally, gender roles has been defined by society for years and in most communities, the man, muscular and physically strong has been accorded the role of providing for the family, while the woman, gentle, caring and the nurturer takes care of the day to day running of the home.

Womens role includes chores like washing plates, sweeping around the house, washing clothes among other things, while the man is also responsible for other manual stuff life fixing things around the house, weeding, lifting among other things that involve the use of strength.

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But times have changed, gone are the days when women used to be house wives, nowadays, they’re rubbing shoulders with men at the workplace and competing to make money for family needs.

Therefore the natural pressure has fallen on men to also help with house chores so as to take some pressure off the backs of their wives.

Unfortunately, most men are stuck in the traditional way of life and are finding it difficult to adjust or maybe accept that times have changed.

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The netizen, SG Sebastian believes the onus falls on parents to imbibe this quality in their Male children as they raise them, so that it sticks with them even as they become men.

Sebastian took to Facebook and wrote: “Let’s raise men to learn that there is absolutely nothing wrong with helping one’s wife with house chores

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