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Racism Is Trending Hard On TikTok & This Influencer Breaks It Down

Another racist TikTok video has gone viral. And oddly enough, it was posted by a high school student in Carroll County, Georgia. You’ll recall, two high school seniors were from Carroll County were recently expelled from school after their racist TikTok video went viral, theybf.com reports.

A white female Bowdon High School High School student in Carroll County is getting the attention she desperately was attempting to get with this video.

”Yeah I’m sorry. Umm, how ‘bout this? I’ve said n****a, I’ll say it plenty of more f*****g times. I say it every fucking day of my life and nobody’s going to come and shoot me up, so I’ll continue to f***** say it. Bye.”

A Twitter user shared the video on the social media platform revealing the girl’s name is allegedly Sydnee Reeves.

Check it:

After the video started going viral, the girl’s mother – or a woman folks are alleging is her mother – tried to clean it up a bit:

No word on how the girl will be disciplined…if any.

A YouTube influencer – Tarek Ali – noticed the racism trend on TikTok and dedicated a video to it. He said most users are participating in the new “racism trend” because they’re excusing it as dark humor. Peep his clip below: