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Quayson Writes : Why Shatta Wale’s ‘Reign’ Album Has Something To Do With Ebony ‘Reigns’ Death

A reigning female dancehall artiste, named Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng in real life but Ebony Reigns in the music stage who dominated the music scene died in the midst of her glory and popularity along two other people making ‘three’ dead in a car accident along the Kumasi-Sunyani road on 8th February, 2018.

After her death, another artiste in the person of Shatta Wale who is also a self-acclaimed dancehall king comes to the scene with an album (Reign Album) that was titled exactly after the stage surname of dead artiste (Ebony Reigns). Whether it was intentional or not we cannot tell but anyone that is spiritual will realise that this is not coincidental.

The artwork of this album was ‘three’ black marks or pillars with a crown on the middle bigger one. What could the symbol to this ‘Reign album’ artwork mean? To me, the three black pillars represented the three dead in the car crush and the bigger among the three which was Ebony Reigns herself with a crown as the artiste of the year on her head. The dead artiste was crowned artiste of the year 2018 in real life.

Notice the colour of the artwork which is black and white which we know has something to do with the illuminati. A pillar or a tree in the spirit stands for a human soul and the white background represents a world created by a pure God.

Sheikh Shamuna came out to say that Ebony Reigns death has promoted someone in the Illuminati kingdom and your guess can be good as mine.

Did you notice the performance of the Reign Album worldwide on charts and the world tours by Shatta Wale in that same year?

This album was launched in Trade Fair on the 13th October 2018, 8 months after Ebony Reigns died and we know she died on 08th February, 2018. Ebony Reigns had 8 more days to her birthday but she died and 8 months after her death Shatta Wale launches an album at Trade Fair called the Reign Album that has three black pillars with a crown on the middle bigger one. If this is not the game of thrones then I don’t know what this is?

We know Shatta Wale intentionally organises shows alongside other artistes at the same location and time to prove a point. He has done it to VVIP in Nima and Stonebwoy BHIM concert 2018.

This album launch saw a massive crowd in attendance, the same place Ebony Reigns music concert was held which he Shatta Wale refused to attend amidst fighting Bullet, Ebony’s manager and accused him of rather killing Ebony Reigns. What message was the self-acclaimed dancehall king trying to send accross?

Shatta Wale comes up with Gringo song and video. If you study carefully the video and the message it carries you would understand the death of Ebony Reigns. In the video Shatta Wale (El Shatta) ended up killing the cow boy that dominated the town and took over his girl which according to his narration, the lady represented dancehall music. This Gringo song was one of the key songs on the Reign album, more like the talisman of the album. What was El Shatta trying to tell Ghanaians?

We all know that it was just a matter of time that Ebony Reigns was on her way to completely take over the dancehall scene as her music was being played everywhere and had become the favourite among Ghanaian music lovers. Suddenly we could hear less of Shatta Wale and most Ghanaian artiste.

Vybrant Faya who was also another strong up and coming contender in the dancehall scene also just died like that in a motor accident. His song ‘Mampe’ took over the dancehall scene by storm and he himself came up saying he does upper class dancehall and that he is better than the rest and before we could say Jack, he is gone 6 feet into the earth. Who do you think killed Vybrant Faya?

The person that killed Vybrant Faya is the same person that killed Ebony Reigns and as you can see they have something in common which is dancehall and both of them made serious hits that took the shine of the self-acclaimed dancehall king-Shatta Wale.

Someone wants to both physically and spiritually dominate the dancehall circles and eliminating everyone that will pose as a threat to him.

Lets study Shatta Wale very carefully and how he has transitioned from Bandana to Shatta Wale, these things don’t just happen like that, there are powers backing the guy and this same power he is using to do diabolic things in this nation.

May be you should ask Stonebwoy the meaning of the ‘Hero’ song lyrics he sung. At a point he said ‘a who send them?’ and at a point he said ‘I am protected, I am untouchable’ . The StoneGod himself is spiritually fortified that is why he is still in the game otherwise he would have been killed by the obvious.

I am not writing this article not to discredit Shatta Wale in anyway but I am painting the facts fair and bear that although we cannot pin the death of Ebony Reigns on him physically, God by his mighty hands has used all the actions and signs around Shatta Wale to point him out as the culprit without he himself realising it.

God said to Pharoah for this reason I brought you up to show forth my power in you. To Pharoah he thought of himself to be mighty by resisting the will of God by not letting the children of Israel go but didn’t know it was all part of the plan of God for the world to know how powerful how he God is.

To the self-acclaimed dancehall king he considers his album launch a success and no one can connect him to the demise of Ebony Reigns but God Almighty has twisted his own hands in everything to point at him as the culprit in Ebony’s death and it is only those who have spiritual understanding that can see this.

God has manipulated the person who killed Ebony Reigns to give us all the signs there is to see unless we choose to ignore it. Shatta Wale talks freely in this country over issues, I don’t see why Ghanaians don’t need to see this part of him that is why I am publishing this article after some people thought I shouldn’t.

Recently in a tweet Shatta Wale warned Andy Dosty of Hitz FM that he was digging his own grave. Why? Because he used a statement made by Shatta that most Ghanaian youth are lazy which many called to ‘diss’ Shatta Wale for saying that. If you can have an artiste say this to a presenter does it not look to you that that artiste is capable of killing?

This is not controversy or a coincidence, connect the dots you will realise something. No one saw this but we have seen it all.

As we celebrate a year of Ebony Reigns passing on, I used this opportunity to delve into her death again and who could have killed her spiritually because we all know that her death is not a natural one.

RIP Ebony Reigns