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Quayson Writes : Who Killed Ahmed Hussein-Suale?


My deepest condolences to the family of the late Ahmed Hussein-Suale of Tiger Eye PI. Infact I feel so sorry that he has to lose his young life in such an unfortunate way whiles doing his job as an investigative journalist yet we cannot entirely claim we did not anticipate the looming danger around his chosen career path. Infact, I am deeply sad, I don’t even know what to say.

Someone raised a very good point that if Anas has police protection then why not his team members too? Because I am sure this could have been prevented if he was protected by the police but its too late now and he is gone. May his soul rest in perfect peace. But there are other members of Anas’s team who can be given police protection to correct such a mistake done with Ahmed.

The issue of Menzgold has not even been solved and now we wake up to this incidence. Whiles others are crying about the possibility of loosing their huge investments in Menzgold others will also have to mourn the death of this outstanding journalist.

Sometimes I guess it is difficult being a Ghanaian, how do you mourn and comfort yourself at the same time? If for anything at all, Menzgold customers can take a breather that after all life is better than everything judging from what happened to Ahmed.

I read somewhere that both the Bongo boy, Manasseh Azure and Franklyn Cudjoe, Imani Ghana boss, admitting their fears, that they were afraid of being killed because of the issues they raise in this country and judging from this incidence, I guess they have every right to fear because it is scary indeed. But please I am begging Ghanaians that lets not spoil the reputation of this beautiful country with such atrocities, please, please, please.

Its rather unfortunate that his end must come this way. To the pepetrators of the crime I think you should not be proud of what you have done as you have the whole country and his family mourning. Whatever toes he may have stepped on, I don’t think he deserved to die. Only God should take a person’s life and for that reason I am deeply disappointed in those that did this henious crime not thinking about his family, wife and children perhaps.

Now his wife would be a widow and his children, fatherless. Is that the way to go as a country that we take the law into our own hands and take lives when we can’t give it? Only the one that gives life must take life which is God.

Gradually, Ghana is becoming dangerous like Pakistan or some parts of the world where people kill at will and there is general fear of being shot by someone. Just a few days ago the Public Relations Officer for Ghana Ports and Habour was murdered in her house and not even up to a week this is happening to a member of Tiger PI, Ahmed? J B Danquah’s murder too was as a result of contract killing. What is happening in Ghana today?

This is not something Ghana is known for at all and something must be done to correct the situation. Ghana is a peace loving country and since when did we have interest in contract killing? Have we always harboured this predatory instincts amongst us as Ghanaians or perhaps some people from somewhere have come to mix up with us and doing this in our country?

We are pleading with those behind such atrocities to please desist from such acts because although you may succeed in killing your target, it goes to destroy the reputation of the country to the outside world and those who live in Ghana, will live here in fear and panic.

May I also use this opportunity to tell the people who do this that the bible says, thou shalt not kill, and anyone who kills by the sword will die by the sword. Death is too harsh and permanent to a person’s life. Kindly adopt some other means of settling matters with journalists you are displeased with not just killing them because people will be in a state of fear and it spoils the dignity of our land. May I submit to you that a murderer cannot escape the judgement of God so please repent of these acts to both the contractors and the contract killers.

We don’t need that as a nation with 62 years of independence and yet we have not developed. Now we have to spend the time we would use to develop ourselves as a nation to be looking for killers. I don’t think this is the right way to go as youth of this nation. How much money at all will somebody give you that will be enough for you to take a person’s life? Is money worth a person’s life?

Just recently Washington Post journalist, Karshoggi was also gruesomely murdered in UAE consulate in Turkey. There has been several claims as to who did it. The journalism community has been gripped with fear over this incident already and now this is also happening in Ghana?

Yet, we need journalists to expose lots of rots in our society. I wonder how many journalist will be murdered in Ghana when the RTI bill is passed, now that we have started off with contract killings in Ghana?

Well, as usual Ghanaians in their talkertive and gossip mode will take a bite at this unfortunate incidence that has saddened all of us. Everything, a man will give in exchange for his life but what if the man did not get the chance to negotiate for his life?

Ahmed, indeed rest in peace and may God keep you. For once our prophets have not come out to claim anything or nobody prophesied about this incidence otherwise some will use this opportunity to brag and increase their church population. We want to thank the so called prophets for not making any market out of this incidence.

From the way things are going I think our prophets will now also add another list to their prophecies, which is contract killing. I can imagine that 31st December night this year, some will be prophesying that there will be lots of contract killings in 2020 since that is the new trend. Interesting!

Well, already fingers have started pointing at our honourable member of parliament for Assin North because he is the one that evidently blew his cover and identity on his television station, NET 2 and even told the whole world about his location that he lives in Madina etc.

The MP has denied every allegation that he is involved in his murder. Infact he has said Ahmed is irrelevant to him so he could not have committed the crime. Well, the case is a mystery now and we are counting on Ghana Police to bring those who killed this man to book.

For now its just speculation that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong did it. We don’t know the real truth. For now only God knows the people behind the scene that killed this gentleman.

Anyway, I am not here to judge who killed who but the purpose of this article is about documents that is making rounds on social media that one American Congressman by name Henry C Hanks Johnson Jr. has petitioned the US secretary of state to place sanctions on Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and to assist Ghana in their investigations to find those that killed this outstanding journalist.

This is why I am trying to draw our attention to certain issues here. Anyway, I believe we have a police service that are being paid with tax payer’s money every month. The Ghana police should know every nooks and crannies in this country. Do we have to sit here and allow American government to come and find our killers for us?

This is my worry because clearly it shows that our institutions lack the abilities and capabilities to handle such matters and it is a bad signal to the world and criminals in Ghana. I am using this opportunity to urge Ghana Police to look for those who mudered this young man before any American involvement because we don’t want them nosing in our affairs in Ghana.

Nkrumah said the blackman is capable of managing his own affairs so lets prove Nkrumah right. Statistics coming from America shows that every second someone dies of a gun shot in America. I believe they have a handful of investigations in their own country that they need to solve before coming to delve into our issues here.

Whoever used his contact to invite them in this matter, I don’t fault the person because it is not only for them to find the killers but I believe they intend to deal with MP for Assin North for exposing Ahmed’s face on TV for everyone to see him.

Whatever sanction America decides to place on the MP is not my look out but my concern is the reputation of Ghana Police if they are not able to solve this case on their own but to depend on American government for solution that is what I am looking at.

The family of the late Ahmed Hussein-Suale deserves justice and I would rather that it comes from Ghana Police and our judicial system here not from American government because as much as this matter cannot be kept secret, if we expose ourselves to the world like this, it has a long term effect of affecting people’s perception about this great nation, so I am just begging Ghana Police to do something about the situation than wait for outsiders to come and solve this case for us.

Besides the case Kashorggi, the Saudi journalist, USA has not being able to solve that to the satisfaction of the world and the journalism community so why would we even place hope on them that they can indeed be able to help us solve this murder case? That is why I throw the challenge to Ghana Police to be up and doing to save the service and the nation the dignity it deserves both home and abroad.

If they are able to crack down on this case, it will restore the confidence in the journalism community in Ghana and give a signal to people who are planning on doing something like this in the future that they will be caught if they try something like this.

Personally, I believe there are some big names behind the scene that are involved in all this so if our police service are able to arrest the culprits, those names will also come out into the public light. Ghana police and our judicial system should not handle this case like the JB Danquah’s case where the big names behind it are yet to be uncovered.

Anas has being doing a lot of work to expose corrupt people in this country but this is the first time that pictures involving himself and team members have come out to the public light and it is the first time too that as a result one of his team members has been murdered. It cannot be entirely a coincidence and Ghana police needs to rigourously look into this matter and bring the culprits to book.

This also means that, we may have also actually seen Anas’s face too because his picture also came up just as the face of Ahmed Hussein-Suale who has been murdered came up on NET 2 TV and social media everywhere.

What is the disposition of our law when you publicly expose someone to harm or danger by exposing his image like this on national television? Will our Hon. member of parliament from Assin Fosu, Kennedy Agyapong, be entirely innocent about this development or not? Could it have been some of the aggrieved judges, Kwesi Nyantakyi himself or his sympathisers etc who were affected by Anas’s expose might have done this? Could it be people from the past or other countries that Anas’s work have affected traced him here in this country to commit this crime to his partner?

This and many more questions begs for answers. Whatever be the case, we count on Ghana Police and our judicial system to save the situation and lay the matter to rest so there can be a closure for us all to move forward as a nation.

Anyway, Anas should also seize this opportunity himself to prove to us his investigative prowess by helping to bring the pepertrators to book since his own investigations as a journalist has exposed a lot of people.

Some are of the view that he sells his work to the highest bidder and that he Anas himself is a corrupt journalist using his work to blackmail people once you cannot pay his price he shows your footage for the whole world to see – he calls it “name and shame”.

He should prove to Ghanaians, who committed this murder by his own usual methods of entrapment and filming you secretly as well so at least we become satisfied that all the time he was not being bought, now that it would seem no one will really be interested in sponsoring this investigation except Ghana police or those who really want to see justice done in this case.

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