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Quayson Writes : White Minority In Africa And Their Dominance


Exodus- Journey To Africa

The featured image of this article shows the whites living their land of war into Africa during the second world war. The guests that came to our lands to seek refuge and peace have now become our landlords and masters in our own continent as Africans. It has been so from the beginning. Anytime, the whites are looking for something great they come to Africa. These people are so cunning that they deceived us into slavery by causing Our foreparents to sell themselves to them.

Turning Us Into Slaves

Because our people were not wise enough,we accepted their gifts and gave out our brothers and sisters out as slaves to be treated in the most inhumane way you can ever imagine in Europe and America etc. Some of these white men made the sons of mothers to sleep together to produce more slaves for them. The term is not out of place at all because it is true and it happened in Europe as these white masters took our foreparents and forced them into breeding camps to produce for them. This also happened in Jamaica.

This has been the strategy of the whites from time in memorial. Nobody forced we blacks into slavery but our own selves because of greed and selfish motives. I am black and an African but I feel very astonished about the level of thinking of my own people. The white continent is 100 years way ahead of Africa now but we helped them to build their continent up to the level it is but why not our own ? The more we try to reach their level the more they stretch the race.

It’s very sad, on our own lands we are slaves and in broad too we are slaves to them. We helped received them in when they needed solace and a peaceful place to stay in order to run away from their own wars and in turn we became slaves to them forever. They even recruited our soldiers to fight for them both in the first and second world war. Now their wars are over and they cause Africans to war against themselves. There was no war in any part of Africa until white settlers came to our land. They bedeviled this continent with war and slavery and now they bring us democracy. What crap! How can someone who poisoned you give you life at the same time?

Discovering Loopholes

The reason is they came to our lands and realised how we refuse to use our brains as a people. They saw great potential in Africa being controlled by monkeys who were not making use of it and they decided to be our masters. I mean every monkey needs a master. One Chinese man is quoted saying that the monkeys in their country are wiser than we blacks. The whites calls Africa a scar on the world’s conscience. Once a peaceful place full of natural resources and a paradise being shredded by these whites because they have used us to achieve what they wanted. Because we are so blessed there are more resources here but our leaders are also disappointing us with massive greed and corruption and allowing the whites to take over all we have as Africans.

We sit here for them to come and open companies and factories and employ our people whiles our leaders steal our monies and hide it in the whiteman’s land. How can we move forward as a people with such behaviour and attitudes? Get to government offices and see our attitude towards work. We are not serious as a people but quick to steal.

Unfair Justice In Africa

This land is full of fingersmiths and thieves, corrupt people, back stabbers, greedy monkeys and baboons who do not care for each other and the next generation. Thieves in suits and tie crippling our continent and enriching themselves. God Almighty punish every African leader that is corrupt with perpertual destruction. God will judge every corrupt African leader for any single child, youth and mother in Africa that suffers.

Recently a 32 year old man was jailed in the Northern Region for 10 years for mobile money fraud. He impersonated Alban Gbagbin and the Northern Regional minster and took some money from people via mobile money and was arrested and charged by our judicial system. My response to the Judicial system that jailed this young man is this :

Ghana Judicial system leave this petty criminals and go for the big thieves in government, those who collapsed the 7 banks go for them. All those are walking free but someone who through hardship is using his brains to defraud a little you give him 10 years. How about those who have stolen bank monies and bought houses in USA with their long garments like from here to Takoradi? Our laws should arrest and try those people too. We don’t want selective justice. The law favours the rich and hunts the poor down, God is angry at a system like this. God’s curse is on any nation that does that. God’s curse is on our leaders who loot state coffers and enrich themselves. God’s curse is on all those who have collapsed many banks rendering alot of people unemployed. God’s curse is on our judges and lawyers who bend the law to favour the rich. God’s curse is on those practicing nepotism and sharing government money. God’s curse is on anyone in government that is stealing and taking what doesn’t belong them. God’s curse is on those that causes the masses and the people to suffer untold hardship. God’s curse is on the wicked.

Tenant Turns Landlord

The tenant (whites) now becomes the landlord and the landlord (Africans) now becomes a tenant. What a shame, an irony and a paradox. How did we let down our guards this way that they have used us to reach this far in life whiles we go back to them begging for support? What happened to us Africans? Partly because we hate ourselves and did not defend each other to build our lasting continent so strangers in our land saw it fit to take us as captives. They knew that one day our eyes will open so not only did they take advantage of us here but took us as slaves into their lands abroad to help develop their place for them. To them what the Africans had was brute strength but not intelligence. Intelligence will always control brute strength.

There is no difference between the brain of a white man and that of the black but I guess the scorching sun which hits our heads has prevented us from being wise enough to help and develop ourselves. Instead we kill ourselves using all kinds of diabolic means be it physically or spiritually. We believe in “juju” and “agbalagba”. We can’t think far, very retrogressive inclined and pulling each other down like crabs in a bucket. We destroy the bright star among us and we believe in a low or average life instead of excellence. We prefer survival and existence instead of development and achievement. We are so backwards as a people and our spirit hates development.

The richest place in Africa is our cemetries because people have been killed with their gifts and talents that could have been transformed into trillions of dollars but because of envy and jealousy we kill each other. Oh! Africa my mother land that has turned the blessings of God upside down and practice witchcraft in broad day light and believe in superstition instead of efforts and technology, medicine and science.

Vladimir Putin Mocks Africa

Russian President Vladmir Putin said Africa is a cemetery for Africa because we live our economic and health life abroad, we school and store our wealth abroad, we use our energy abroad but return to our continent to be buried here or as dead bodies. I have paraphrased it but in effect this is what he said. Just look at this communist and useless state former USSR now Russia describe Africa in this light. It is not his fault, when you don’t plan your life well to achieve greatness you become a proverb in the mouths of your detractors. Can you imagine a ghost laughing at a dead body, this war stricken Russia today has seen the light of day and describing Africa like this because our people refuse to use their brains but follow their stomach. Stomach direction people. USSR dictator and Communist Starlin murdered his own people like chicken, today see what Putin is telling our continent.

This is what Putin said :

Africa Is A Cemetery For Africans.

“When an African becomes rich, his bank accounts are in Switzerland. He travels to France for Medical treatment.

He invests in Germany. He buys from Dubai. He consumes Chinese. He prays in Rome or Mecca. His children study in Europe. He travels to Canada, USA, Europe for tourism.

If he die, he will be buried in his native country of Africa.

Africa is just a cemetery for Africans. How could a cemetery be developed?”
~Putin Asks!

I don’t even want to talk about the shithole statement made by Trump against Africa because it received all the attention it deserves yet we cannot say that statement is far from truth.

Kim Jong Un On Ghana And Nigeria

President of North Korea says Ghana and Nigeria should be given to him for one year and within a year he will transform it to become a world class country. He says we have all the resources but because our leaders are corrupt and visionless we are impovrished in our continent. How come those who are outside see great potential in this continent but our stomach politicians cannot see this and government as well? Anyway I don’t think Ghana or Nigeria and North Korea has anything in common. See this man who executed his own family members and has inherited a dynasty wanting to rule this two beautiful African countries. Does he want to use the country to test his nuclear weapon programmes or what? I don’t think we as Africans are willing to handover over powers to bullish dictators like Kim Jong Un. I think the only thing we Africans may admire about him is his “ponk” hair style. We don’t want him here. Is he coming to turn all of us into opra singers like he has done in his country? Certainly not.

Macron Vs Putin

Recently French President Macron has warned Russian President Putin to stay off CAR that is Central African Republic because according to them, it belongs to them or that they are their colony. They have objected to Russian influence and interference in that country. Can you imagine? You leave Europe to say an African country belongs to you? What crap! How many colonies does France have in Europe, America and Asia but in Africa it is allowed. United Nations is also watching saying nothing. UN must ban anything called colony or dominance in any country in the world. Every country is a sovereign state and independent. France still collects rents from many African countries up till date for use of some of their properties they claim on African soil. I read somewhere that they claim up to $420 billion in rent from African governments which is equal to the total debt of the continent to the outside world. You see how they continue to milk us even though they are not here with us again as colonial master.

Apartheid In South Africa

When you people left in huge ships from Europe to Africa during 2nd World War this is what you come and do in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and most of the North African countries? You come and cause apartheid in South Africa dividing their lands as your own. You taken over lands in Zimbabwe and struggling with the indigens for their lands.

Africans don’t have white skins and all those in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc don’t belong there. You cause sharing of blood and divide the communities into white and black settlers. How dare you people? On our own motherland we loose our rights. Blacks cannot have access to certain amenities but whites do on African soil. No wonder there was so much hatred for whites in South Africa because they were wicked to us. How can you leave your land and come and practice racism against Africans on African soil?

Thank God for Nelson Mandela who came to heal the land by uniting all the whites and the blacks in South Africa. Honestly if it was me I will clear all white settlers from South Africa because that is not their land. They are refugees who want to show class to the indigens that are blacks in their own land even now.

Does United Nations Care About Africa?

I wonder why UN watched apartheid in South Africa to last from 1948 to 1995? Does UN favour Africa at all or it is just for Europe and America? But seriously Africa needs to learn from Asia who rose from the ashes without much help from UN. A white man will only help an African or a black when he stands to benefit greater. If we must depend on Europe, America or UN to develop our continent, it will never happen in this life or in the next to come.

Just mention one country that Europe, America or UN has helped to develop in the whole world? The answer is Zero. The earlier we Africans realise we are on own and fight for self sustenance the better because these guys are not willing to make us become like them. Any leader that depends on the West and fashions it’s policies to suit the West has already failed in advance.

The best Thanksgiving the West can give any country in Africa after milking it of it’s economic resources is to finance an opposition party to create war in that country. Look at what they did to Lybia. The West is so wicked and has no interest of the African continent at heart. Their leaders insult our continent at will because they know we will come to them begging for support.


IMF will dictate to us how our economy should be run. Does it make sense to go for a loan and the bank tells you what to use the loan for or be monitoring how you use it? In a way it is good because our leaders are irresponsible and thieves. None of them is good, all our leaders are into stealing. I call them “polithievecians”.

None of them has the interest of the citizens at heart and you expect the white man to leave his continent and come and develop yours for you? We must be crazy as a people if we think the white man will help us. Even now we practice modern slavery so long us we depend on the West. The Bible says the borrower is a slave to the lender. We are still slaves to them so long as we borrow from them.

This is why I prefer China in Africa, although they are not a good case as well, they are the lesser evil when compared to the West. When a black man is intelligent, he goes to work for the white man because our system here does not support intelligent people but witchcraft and pull him down.

Africa will continue to beg and owe money if we don’t change our stupid attitudes and invest in our own people. We are so uncivilised as a people and always plotting each other’s downfall. All that we steal in government where are we taking them to? Will we be buried with them after we die when there are people suffering untold hardship in this continent?

Sani Abacha alone stole $345 million and hid it in a Swiss bank. Interest on that money alone was $1.5million. That money was recently returned to Nigeria. How can a dead men steal so much and even after he died it is locked up in an account when people are suffering? I am very happy he is dead, may God punish him and all his descendants after him. These are the kind of corrupt and uncivilised leaders we have here that are destroying this continent.

Civilisation In Africa

Western Civilization was created by themselves so Africa must also create it’s own civilisation. Anytime I see blacks trying to claim equality with whites I laugh in my head because how can you compare a foolish man to a wise man? Africans we are not wise at all so they will continue to rule us. Blacks are fighting now to rewrite history, claiming that we invented this and that but the whites man took the ownership because we were slaves to them at the time we invented them. How did you become a slave in the first place because all men are created equal? Let’s ask our unwise ancestors if they can even speak now in their graves. After giving up your liberties what do you expect the white man to do to you?The main difference between the white man and the black man is one uses his brains but the other turns his brain upside down.

I have always maintained that the difference between men is not physical features but knowledge. A doctor is different from a lawyer because of knowledge, so is an Accountant different from an Architect. Let’s seek knowledge as a continent to develop our lot than depending the whites that will never accept us to be their equals. A white man shakes you in agreement with his right hand but with his left hand fingers crossed at his back.

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