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Quayson Writes : Where Is NAM 1?

So what has happened to NAM 1’s court case in Dubai after the government gave us a weekend date Saurday, 2nd February, 2019 for his court hearing? So let me ask, which court in the world gives date and doesn’t add the day and time to it?

It is even legal to remind court attendees the exact date, day and time of court hearing but we were told that the 2nd February 2019 was a mistake admitted by Ghana police and we are quite in this country? If the date was a mistake, what is the exact date for his court hearing in Dubai? No new date has been communicated.

Even North Korea which is a communist state we still hear news from there how much more Dubai, that is open that even some of our politicians go and hide their goodies and enjoy extravagant holidays there, that we cannot hear about the court proceedings involving NAM 1 from there?

You see if we live in a country that people are going through economic hardship and strangulation and you play such tricks with people’s hard earned money that a young boy has duped in the name of Menzgold and you come out with such excuses and stories, it means you are telling Ghanaians that we are stupid.

Wherever NAM 1 is the government of the day must bring him out. Any money that has been acquired from the general public fraudulently he must be made to repay. Politicians should desist from hiding NAM 1, wherever he is, he must be produced.

Three high powered government delegation goes to Dubai to try to extradite NAM 1 to Ghana which according to them was unfruitful and came all the way from Dubai to give us a weekend date for his court hearing in Dubai? Oh please! All the government delegation that went, will they forget their birthdays and the day it falls?

The politicaians are waiting for this matter to die silently. We have convinced ourselves that Ghanaians are like hot water, we boil up in heat and grow cold in no time. Government must produce NAM 1 and let him pay all his creditors and face charges for doing business without approved licensure not just EOCO ceasing his properties, that is just a game and we can see through this easily.

EOCO releases just an A4 sheet with the news release that they have secured authority to seize NAM 1 properties and caused his media arm to shut down just for the masses to know that government is trying to do something about the situation but in actual fact all these stunts are just meant for the matter to die out naturally so that only God knows what will be done to the young man’s properties gotten by ill-wealth.

It is very obvious that some powers that be want to share this young man’s property, keep him from the public by hiding him somewhere whiles we wait for investors to dry their own tears.

If government want to do something about Menzgold Company, they should use all channels to bring him home even if they must pass through United Nations or American government for him to refund people’s money and face prosecution in this country. This is what will give Ghanaians peace.

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