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Quayson Writes : When Security Becomes A Threat


We congratulate the parliamentary candidate elect for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency by-elections in the person of Lydia Seyram Alhassan of NPP. We at Nsemwoha News wishes her nothing but the best. We also congratulate the NPP party for a win and all the other parties for partaking in this quite successful “African” election.

I stressed on the “African” election and called it quite successful because we as a people and a continent have grown to accept that by all means there must be some level of violence and confusion before we know we have organised an election.

I await the day and time Africa will organise an election without any issue of violence. To all the participants, parties, electorates, observers, contestants, government of Ghana and people of Ghana we say Ayeekoo.

Mrs Lydia Seyram Alhassan may you continue the good work your husband left off in parliament. Lest I forget, I remind you that, you have almost two years more to prove yourself to your people before another general elections in 2020.

I have however some few things to make mention of in this very by-elections, the chief of which is how the SWAT team of Ghana police operated. The bad words spoken by John Dramani Mahama and Sammy Gyamfi which is meant to incite violence among the electorates.

Christain Council is asking Mahama to apologise for his “boot-for-boot” comment which I agree perfectly as Akuffo-Addo did for his ‘all die be die’ comment. Politicians must act as professionals and know the kind words to use in public to address voters. They must see the voters as their customers and respect them at all times not just using threatening words on them.

Stressing more on the security details during the West Wuogon by-elections, I want to ask if even in Afghanistan, is that how their security operatives present themselves during elections? Why? What are we trying to turn Ghana into? Is it fear and intimidation of voters or what? Ghanaians how many of you have seen our police dress this way before?

This tells you that given the Ghanaian politician or security forces an evil chance of chaos and arnarchy, they will be excellent at it with the outfit of preparedness to back it. Let’s watch this as a country. It’s a very bad sign. This ISIS terrorism level of dressing and the security posture, is nothing good to write home about?

Can’t we conduct our elections in a civilsed way with this plenty display of ‘masquerades’, knives, guns, hood masks, striking boots, bullet proofs, handcuffs, ‘macho’ physique, patrolling police vehicles etc all this for what? Just to cast a vote, to express your right as a Ghanaian to choose a leader?

With all the monies being kept in Switzerland, they don’t even have a military. The people are so disciplined that they only make use of police service. Why is it that in just one by-election we have warning shots fired, people injured and others killed? What do we want to achieve with all that and where do we think this will lead us to as a country?

We must learn from Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Cote D’voire just to mention but a few. They all started like the way we are doing right now and before they could say Jack, the whole country was plunged into civil war. Do we want this also for Ghana or what? Can’t we just as a people conduct ourselves in a civil manner?

Is it compulsory that you go to school before we can imbibe some level of civility in our society or what? What is the use of the God given wisdom he has given to every man even before formal education came? And to the elites that are casting insults and throwing tantrums, you people are a complete disappointment to education. I sometimes feel so embarrassed to see an educated person who because of politics wallows in the gutter. It’s a shame! This advice goes to the voters, the politicaians and the police service as well.

DCOP Kofi Boakye has called on Ghanaians to speak against the growing number of vigilantism in Ghana. These vigilante groups are being deployed by our political parties for their own purposes. This development is a looming danger in our democratic dispensation and we need to watch this alarming trend.

It is something that needs to be addressed urgently. Our politicaians are taken us for a ride because they are using this group of people to cause commotion in the country so they can run off with our stolen monies into other countries and spend it. What do you need vigilante groups for when you have able security agents in this country?

Many of them too, wield serious weapons given to them not by the State but by politicaians. There are so many other professions in this country, why is it that politicians alone are behaving as if the entire destiny of this nation belongs to them?

Let’s watch this thing because it can excalate into something we all want to avoid, which is war. Ghana has never had a civil war but the day we allow evil politicians to plunge us into it, we will be really sorry for ourselves. Just look at even Dagbon and how long it took to resolve that dispute by successive governments, how much more the whole of Ghana?

Politicians recruit criminals into the police service because they assisted them one way or the other to get power. No proper background checks are conducted on this people yet they are recruited. The only qualification they have is that they belong to a political party. This is something we have to check else we are heading towards bad times in this country.

The Mahama ‘boot-for-boot’ comment is not good for the country’s democracy, neither is Akuffo-Addo’s ‘all die be die’ good for this nation. As a nation that seeks to develop like America, Russia, Germany etc we need to eschew these sorts of languages from our politics. We need to understand that we only have one Ghana.

I particularly don’t pitty political violence although I vehemently condemn it. The reason being that no one will fight in politics if they are not gaining directly from it. We know most of the interest of politicians is to amass wealth from the public purse. This is why most of them fight among each other and preach violence.

To me politics and violence are close cousins, therefore I see especially most African politicaians as violent people so if you are the type that doesn’t endorse violence you better stay out of it. It doesn’t make sense to me why someone will be fighting because of power to serve his country. That posture is highly suspicious. They know what they gain from it that is why they fight.

I watched a documentary that even claimed our revered president Nkrumah himself too was not clean after all. Dr. Ackah Blay Miezah implicated him after his over throw that he had stolen Ghana money and gold into an account which he needed to access and duped many white people of their investments just like Menzgold case.

Later the government signed an agreement with him to take out the name of Nkrumah from his allegations and granted him release to UK again. So I ask myself has there ever been a clean politician in Ghana or will there ever be? The people that seem clean did not maintain political power for long as some died, the likes of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, Dr. Hilla Liman etc.

No matter who you are, once you enter politics and you are gaining from it, you will fight tooth and nail to protect your interest. This is the result of what we are seeing today but the ruler of any nation is God and will not watch as this trend continues in many countries.

Some of us will not attack politicians physically but we will pray that God takes them away quickly from this earth so there can be peace in our lands. This is a call I give to every Christian, Muslim and traditional leaders to pray out evil politicians. Someone once said, when the wise are quite, fools will rule. Another also said you cannot be rich in politics unless you are a crook and I could not agree the more.

Let us watch our security apparatus, right from recruitments to retirements. Some of them there are wolves in sheep clothing tending to cause harm to mother Ghana. Politicians who are using security personnel for evil purposes too will themselves not escape the dire consequences.

What have we not seen here in Africa, how some leaders like Charles Taylor, Mobuto Seseku, Kabila, Nyansigbe Nyadema, Idi Amin, Muamar Gadafi etc rose up with all power thinking they cannot be quenched, today where are they?

Let’s not use the power we have today as politicaians to subdue and suppress the rights of people in this country but let’s use it wisely. Jesus said to Pontius Pilate, you can have no power except that which is given to you from above. Let’s admit that the power we have as politicaians, God gave to us and lets do away with fear, panic and intimidation of the masses.

Sammy Gyamfi also said that all NDC faithfuls should carry their weapons, guns, machetes to fight against NPP. I consider that comment very unfortunate coming from a party’s Communications Director. I think we need to enforce our laws in this country. Such comments should not be allowed to go scot free but must be given the necessary attention by our legal system.

Nana B of NPP also slapped Sammy Gyamfi in Asempa FM studios just because of politics and I ask myself is this the way to go as a country? Both Sammy Gyamfi and Nana B are youth. If the youth of this country will be engaged in political insults and assaults then I wonder the future of our politics in Ghana. Let’s us to do well to correct such mistakes in our political system.

Rwanda a former war torn country has made progress thereafter and getting ready to launch their first space programme and we are here shouting ‘boot-for-boot’, ‘all die be die’.

Any politician who asks you to fight, make sure his or her family members are in the war front first, all his family members, otherwise be in your house, make love to your spouse, drink tea, watch a Kumawood or comedy movie and sleep.

‘Enough is Enough’, we are tired of these political gimmicks whiles there is no proper development in the country. Too much economic hardship yet they are asking us to fight ourselves even in hunger and thirst whiles they enjoy their fat salaries, privileges and incentives.

We are not fools, let them fight and kill themselves whiles we watch them like we are watching a movie so we can properly narrate it as stories to our children. We refuse to be part of their fights and wars.

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