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Quayson Writes : What Is MODUGHA Doing About Pamela Odame

MODUGHA happens to be the Models Union of Ghana, a group that controls the activities of models in the country both male and female. Pamela Odame, a Kenyan born Ghanaian model happens to be one of their members, is in the news for all the wrong reasons lately.


I recently, watched her interview between herself and the team members of Entertainment Review, a programme hosted by Akwasi Aboagye on Peace Fm 104.3 Fm on YouTube and I must say I was very sad of how she embarrassed herself with the answers to questions asked her.

There are claims that video of her nudity has been leaked on social media and has got everyone talking. In the video she exposes her huge boobs, chats with fans and drinks liquor. Because of our editorial policy we could not make the video available here for you to see.

This naturally well endowed model in terms of her ‘boobs’ which is the first thing you notice about her as a lady and model could not protect these natural assets given to her by God but exposed it as it was dangling on her chest for the whole world to see.

We deem it a complete disgrace to the union and all it members and those who patronise their services.
Per models constitution worldwide, prostitution and nudity is something that is prohibited so why will MODUGHA watch one of their own expose herself like this to tarnish the brand of the union.


Since she belongs to MODUGHA we are asking what the management will do something about this bizzare situation.

There are also claims that she is an imposter as she has presented herself to be a student of Winsconsin University, something that the panel claims she is not because they have checked with the school’s SRC.

According to them, the SRC of the Winsconsin University have denied knowing her or she being a student of the school but rather sources indicate that she has a boyfriend in the school so she normally comes around to visit.

She claims it is not true but that she is a bonafide student of the school and has all her details as a student at home. She even promised to send copies of her recent registration to the host upon reaching her homr via WhatsApp for confirmation.

One of the panel members seems to have seen more videos or pictures of her or so which according to him even exposes her hand and private parts in it but she claims it wasn’t her. The panelist said he knows the hand he saw in the video and it was her as he compares it to her hand in the studio.


Already parents are of the view that every model is a prostitute or an escort and with what Pamela Odame has done clearly confirms that fact.

Parents who do not want their wards to take up modelling as a career have a good reason now not to allow them, as the profession itself has it’s name soiled with prostitution and promiscuity.

Will corporate Ghana want to associate themselves with Modugha after this display of nudity by one of it’s members?

We expect Modugha to come out and debunk this bad impression Pamela Odame has created about Models in Ghana for the public to see that they are not in support of her pictures circulating on social media and to ensure Ghanaians that high moral standards are maintained in the Union.