Quayson Writes : We Want Peace In Ghana Not War

Ghanaians are playing with fire. Invisible and Delta Forces issues came up in the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-elections whereby NPP government has been accused of so many wrong doings. It’s not even up to a month, now whether it is by fate or political intentions, manipulations and orchestrations, another violence has errupted which has ended a live in Kumasi involving NDC’s ‘Hawks’ just to have an even political score.

What at all do these politicians want to turn this country into? What do we want to make of the destiny of this great nation? I know of a certain that there are alot of people in this country who care less about politics, women and children, people of different beliefs and organisation who do not have any political inclination.

These group of people are more than the few registered voters and Politicians who want to plunge the whole country into civil war by their uncivilized actions. Politicians must give the majority of Ghanaians peace in this country. We are sick and tired of all their political games at the detriment of innocent lives. If you people want to be greedy about gain, loot, share and rape the public purse, leave the ordinary citizen out this political mess.

When foreign diplomats are being informed of what is going on in Ghana some people are crying foul but this is how war starts. I always send a word of caution to politicians to be very careful about their activities in this country. Let them not ascribe too much power and influence to themselves by causing general mayhem in the country. Ghana belongs to God and other responsible families not just to them or their families so they should be careful how they treat the land and the people in it for we are God’s own.

Some of us are protective of our loved ones, the next generation, our future leaders and children in general. God is also protective of us. We don’t want what happened in Rwanda, Liberia, Cote D’voire, Sierra Leone etc to happen in Ghana. Not everybody can afford plane tickets and visas to leave the country if something happens.

Some of us have invested alot in our lives and in others too so the politicians should not come and destroy this country and the people in it for us. God is the owner of any country so politicians should be very careful of what they are doing in this country. When the spirit and the power of God moves over this land like in the days of Soddom and Gomorrah, some of you will be so sorry for your sick souls. We want peace in Ghana not war.

I have always advocated to religious bodies to pray to God for the death of politicians that are a threat to this country’s peace. It is a godly prayer but if we close our mouths and we don’t pray for God to kill them quickly they might end up destroying the land. God is a prayer answering God and he will answer our prayer if we pray in this direction. Some people need to die for this country to be free from violence and corruption.

No Politician relying on any power any where can stand against the power of God so I urge churches to pray in this direction. It is a very good prayer. When God kills nobody goes to court or prison and he kills the wicked so that the innocent and righteous people can be free to operate. If they want us to die in our motherland through war then let us pray for them to die first, that God should kill them one after the other so there be peace for Ghana, our families and dependants. Let us pray as a nation to God for him to intervene in vigilantism in Ghana or any group of people that will bring war to this land. Ghana Christian Council, Churches of Christ, Aglow Women, Ghana Pentecostal Council, Christ Apostolic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Charismatic Churches etc please let’s rise up and pray for Ghana’s future.

Religious intercession has dwindled for Ghana. In all the violence that is happening I am not hearing Christian Council, the Muslim Community and other religious bodies that be, calling for National prayers on these issues. If our Politicians are failing us, the power of God can tame them so let’s rise up and pray for Ghana. Christain Council has called for certain apologies and championing national cathedral building but not calling for prayers against vigilantism.

These days Aglow Women I don’t hear much of your exploits, you are our mothers and God listens to the prayers of mothers alot because they give birth to life, so pray for this nation that God will exit some people prematurely and quickly because of the havoc they want to cause this country. They carry with them troubles and wickedness for our souls in your own land amidst the corruption and scandals. Let’s pray to God to send us good people to govern the nation Ghana.

Aglow Women, please don’t only pray during election times but these are also troubled times and Ghana needs your prayer. Aglow Women where are you people? You prayed for a peaceful election, God has given you that but Satan wants to rock Ghana with activities of vigilantism and it deserves your prayers too.

God help Ghana and stop all the activities of vigilantism in Ghana that will cause bloodshed in our land he should depose, kill and expose all corrupt officials in government in Jesus name. Amen.

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