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Quayson Writes : Virginity-The price of marriage


Most women especially are very fascinated about the idea of marriage but I see very little effort on the part of most of them to become marriage materials in our parts of the world. I am of the view that marriage is a blessing from God but not an achievement per say in life. It is a stage every individual must get to in life. All things being equal, once you are ready and prepared to marry, you should get married with the right person.

Thinking marriage is an achievement is just like thinking developing breast or hips as a woman is a great achievement or for men developing a beard or muscles, it’s not an achievement, it’s a stage you get to in your life. So let’s not put all our focus in life to mean meeting the right person and getting married. Yes, marriage is good and honourable but not a necessity in life. There is so much more life has to offer, if it is your turn you will get married just live a straight life. Marriage is not even needed in heaven but an earthly thing according to our Lord Jesus Christ.


Ladies I know how most of you want to get married but please spend more time on getting your life useful. Most ladies marry because of pressure from society or because they attended a friend’s wedding and it was nice so they also want to get married. If that is your mentality for marriage I can assure you that marriage will disappoint you. Marry when you can feel in your spirit, soul and body that you are ready and that you have met the right person you love when you are still a virgin. I don’t flatter people with my statements, I tell you the solid truth nothing but the truth. Make sure you are a virgin before marriage because that is what you are also offering to the man in exchange of your bride price.

Sister the reason you are not married is you have messed up too much. You have slept with too many men and committed so many abortions so what do you have to offer in marriage? You take more pregnancy preventive pills than a married woman who is on family planning. A man must pay your bride price and you must also offer your virginity in return. When Mary was bethroded to marry Joseph she was still a virgin and that is why God chose her to carry Jesus. It even tells you how important virginity is to God.

Many women after messing up their youth and embarking on fruitless relationships now move from church to church praying for marriage. Even in the church some of them end up sleeping with the pastors and some irresponsible members. I mean in the house of God? Madam you are just worsening your case. I just want the name of one woman in the Bible who prayed for marriage? The reason most women are not married is their fault, there is nothing spiritual about it.

Nowadays, it’s very hard to find a girl who is a virgin at the age of 18 years. Some have even mastered the art of . So my question is what do you have to offer if God should give you marriage? The virginity of any woman is her ultimate price she pays for her to be married.

There was this video of Aisha an SHS graduate from St. Louis in Kumasi having  with three men at the same time. Surely this girl will have marrital problems if she should get married in the future and it is not a curse because she is a shameless whore. Well, she may have had it with three different men at the same time but it’s the same if you have had it with three different men at three different times, there is no difference and I know some women have been in several relationships with more than three different men.

Sister, I hope I am helping you to understand the source of your marrital issues and not that your grandmother is a witch. You yourself have invited demons into your life and some have married you spiritually so unless God steps in, it will be difficult for you to marry and if you marry the demons will follow you to your marriage and you won’t have peace. Let’s speak the truth to ourselves and not deceive each other. God is not mocked, for whatsoever a man sows he reaps same. What is needed is repentance and confessions of  sins and ask God for His mercy and forgiveness so he will connect you to a suitor.