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Quayson Writes : Thy Kingdom Come On Earth


John 18 : 36 My kingdom is not of this “world”: if my kingdom is of this world then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.

Killed by your own

This response Jesus gave to Pontius Pilate when the Jewish Priests led by Caiaphas delivered him for execution with the charge of being blasphemous and breaking the Mosaic laws. By Jewish laws, it was not lawful to put a man to death on the sabath day so they wanted to bend that law by seeking audience with a Roman Emperor, Pontius Pilate to carry out their atrocities. Jesus was caught and killed the same day, the sabath day. A day which his father in heaven has sanctified to be a holy day.

Have you been put in a situation where your own creation, idea or something that you invented or started has been used against you the originator? Jesus went through the same experience. The Bible says in the beginning Jesus was there with the father and infact he helped in creating the world, on the sabath the Trinity agreed to sanctify it and make it holy for worship to God, yet that was the same day Jesus in the likeness of man was killed. John 1:1 says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. All things were things were created by him and without him was nothing made that was created if you read verse 2 further.

Many people start something, may be a business, a church, promote an idea or something or put somethings in place where many people benefit from but in the end it is turned against them, they are sidelined and it looks as if they have lost everything. Jesus went through similar experience. He created man and everything in the world but the world turned against him and murdered him. It wasn’t strangers that killed Jesus but his own brethren the Jews whom he came to save.

Jesus was not even put on remand for even a day. The Jewish leaders were in a hurry to kill the Messiah so they changed the Jewish order to seek refuge with a Roman authority – Pontius Pilate.


This same thing happens spiritually in witchcraft and that is why as a Christian you need to be prayerful because Satan has his agents everywhere. Their primary purpose is to ensure that whatever God has programmed for you to become on this Earth does not materialise. But their liars, as for me I have resolved with myself long before today that nothing called Satan can defeat me in this world. I hate the devil with perfect hatred and all his cohorts.

No one can come to your house to beat your kid but by the permission of you the parent. No one can come from outside to do any evil to you unless they consult with your family devils who will give you up spiritually to be tormented, that is if you have a weak spirit and living an ungodly life. Never ever cease in prayer to send fire in the camp of devils in your family every single day. They are your doom spiritually not the outsider. Jesus a Jew was delivered to a Roman by his own people the Jews. Jesus himself warned us that a man’s enemies shall be those of his own family so let’s be spiritually sensitive and active.

Interesting Analysis

Pilate was a Roman and they had rule over the Jews at that time. In today’s language we would say the colonial masters. The Jews used a Roman leader to execute Jesus found guilty under Jewish law. It’s interesting to analyse the whole episode. Jesus was found guilty for blasphemy under Jewish law for claiming to be equal to God or that he came from God or the son of God but was tried by a Roman leader using a Jewish tradition that freed a prisoner at a certain time of the year. They chose Barnabas and killed Jesus.

The church denied it’s law in favour of a foreign government to execute one of their own. In the end they are blameless by their own foolish stands. This is what I call cross judgement or judgement by convenience. They know if they kept him even in remand for a day, there will be a revolt or may be the miracle man will disappear so they judged and killed him the same day. What level of injustice, cruelty and wickedness is this?

May I submit to you that the people that are after you will go to any length to destroy you. They can travel to any place and consult other powers just to eliminate you. People are willing and ready to abandon their faith and belief to seek other people’s destruction in other religion. This is the cruelty of the world today and you can’t keep your mouth shut but to pray always.

Kingdom of Jesus in perspective

Another exposition of this verse is the kingdom of Jesus. Every kingdom is built from scratch and with people just like the Ashanti Kingdom, United Kingdom, Norwegian Kingdom, Kingdom of Swaziland etc. God has his own kingdom made up of several angels and the 24 elders in heaven and has given power to his son Jesus Christ to create another kingdom out of man through salvation.

The kingdom Jesus is about to create is for men like you and I different from his father’s kingdom because he has the power of attorney from his father. His kingdom is not of this world as he said but the new Jerusalem which will be coming down from heaven. Yes a city prepared and designed in heaven will drop down on the earth for the righteous to dwell in it with Jesus as their King. That is why Jesus asked us to receive the Lord’s prayer all the time. In it there is this particular phrase “Thy kingdom come”. Yes! The kingdom is suppose to come to us here on Earth as it is in heaven not that we are flying to heaven to meet the kingdom. This will happen after all the unbelievers are wiped out.

On this note I agree with the Jehovah’s witnesses that the heaven we talk about here is the earth, the new Jerusalem but it will be different in architecture and design from the foundation. Jesus being the light in his kingdom for there is no darkness there.

The new Jerusalem will be the Kingdom Jesus will govern on this Earth as he takes his 12 disciples to rule over the 12 tribes of Israel from heaven where his father is. Jesus himself sitting on the right hand of God ruling the new kingdom with his able ministers of state being the 12 disciples in heaven just like his father has the 24 elders ruling with him in heaven.

The 24 elders help God to control the affairs of angels and men in heaven. In the Jesus kingdom the 12 apostles will do that for Jesus over all men that have accepted Jesus. All the prophets that came before Jesus and are in right standing with God will join the 24 elders in God’s kingdom of angels and have oversight functions in the Jesus Kingdom if Jesus himself wills but the Jesus Kingdom is his disciples and man and not angels or 24 elders or prophets. Those are in his father’s kingdom so we will have a higher kingdom which is God’s own and lower one which is Jesus Kingdom.

I am teaching you biblical hierarchy revealed by God’s spirit. May be you can find traces in the Bible but I am not depending on it now. I am giving you direct rhema from God. Take it or leave it because not everything can be found in the Bible. If everything we need to know is in the Bible then we don’t need the holy spirit here on Earth to reveal the truth to us or teach us anything. What truth or revelation again by what spirit if the knowledge in the Bible is enough? Open your eyes and tap into this flow now.

Mansions in heaven

The mansion Jesus promised was for his 12 disciples not for every Christian in the world. Yes and a new Jerusalem will drop from heaven. These things if you reveal to the common minds they will label you to be nuts but it is not given to them to know but we have power and the keys to heaven because we carry the spirit of the Most High God so I am God on this Earth. I represent the Trinity in heaven here on Earth.

This is what Jesus said and they said he is blasphemous. If I am Quayson and my father is Quayson are we not one? Common sense, when he said I and my father are one they did not understand. Are we all not Ghanaians, are we not one? Is Asamoah Gyan and Dede Ayew not one, don’t they belong to the same team called Black Stars?

Other gods

Speaking of the Most High God should give you an indication that there are other gods in the universe that men worship. Not everyone praying and looking up to heaven is calling on the Lord God Almighty whose name is Jehovah, the Yaweh God, the Adonai God and the Elohim God.

There is more. Don’t ask me where I got all this knowledge from, that is why I told you that you need the holy spirit, the teacher and revealer of truth. He will teach and reveal all things to you because anyone that has the spirit of God easily agrees with the things of God.

Talk of the kingdom has no end but let’s suffice this information for now. More revelation will be unravelled as God gives direction and revelation. Peace, Shalom!

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