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Quayson Writes : The Special Prosecutor – Woyome case, a storm in a tea cup


We applaud the Akuffo Addo’s government for making very frantic effort to deal with corruption in this our dear country Ghana. An inclusion to government machinery to fighting corruption is the creation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

I must say that for once both incumbent and opposition had little to say about the choice of candidate being in the person of Mr. Martin Amidu. Why? Because he is not an NPP member and a strong advocate against corruption even in his own party-NDC.


At a point we thought his own party have disowned him and for the first time in our political history, we are witnessing a very objective political person who is not bias with his own utterances about his party shortfalls. Well, even though Kennedy Agyapong of NPP seem to trail that same blaze in his own party, he has not yet pursued his own party member to court. Martin Amidu will have none of that. Despite Woyome’s financing roles in NDC, Martin Amidu pursued him to recover an illegimate judgement debt awarded the all important party financier – Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

Well this Woyome issue has lingered a while and even trancsended to the current NPP administration. For now it would seem Woyome will have to make good the debt back to the state, with our able current Attorney General in pursuit. All thanks to Mr. Martin Amidu who will not rest on his oars until he saw justice in the Woyome case and indeed it has established the man as a credible statesman.

This feat alone is highly considerable in choosing an officer for special prosection of corruption matters affecting the state. In that choice Akuffo Addo did very well in choosing Mr. Martin Amidu to head the Special Prosecutor’s office.

Our late former head of state – Professor John Evans Atta Mills also saw the great potential and honesty Mr. Amidu carries so chose him as his running mate in 2002 which was won by Ex-President Kuffour of the NPP. Kuffour would go on to win a second term when NDC took power again in 2008 with Mr. Amidu being made Attorney General for which his most notable exploit was the Woyome saga.

One would think that with such great experience and much talked about unbias nature of Mr. Amidu, we would see more action now that he has been appointed by NPP government as Special Prosecutor. However the Office has rather been subject to an office of complains and much speakings by none other person than himself – Mr. Martin Amidu

“Do not blame your supporting rug if you cannot carry your load” – Akan Proverb


Mr. Amidu has turned into a complainant instead of a prosecutor, complaining to Ghanaians about so many needless things. He started by complaining about his office, saying he has no office to work in, when he got one we heard him talk about the set up, then it came to the issue for him to get an assistant. When president got him an assistant, Ghanaians were calling on him for “action” but he said he did not have a board in place. The President innaugrated a board for him now and all he could come up with is that MP Alhassan Ayariga is sending Pastors, Mallams, Chiefs to beg him not to investigate him-would you not agree that sometimes too much rigidity makes you seem a psycho? All you have to do is call the honourable member privately to order, report him to the speaker of parliament or to the presidency but no, Mr. Martin Amidu chose to make the plea by the honourable member public. No one is justifying the plea by Mr. Alhassan Ayariga but I believe Mr. Martin Amidu could have dealt with the issue with maturity rather than telling all Ghanaians this is what the honourable member seeks to do. What at all does Mr. Amidu want to achieve by exposing Mr. Ayariga that way? That he is an angel or sacroscant or what?

Toyota V8 saga

According to reports Mr. Alhassan Ayariga has used fraudulent means to acquire 3 Toyota V8 from overseas which he has imported into the country for which Mr. Amidu is investigating. As usual he goes after his own brother from the North just as he went after his own party member – Woyome to prove to Ghanaians the depth of his unbias nature.

I am beginning to see Mr. Martin Amidu as not who people claim to be but seeking an opportunity for self aggradisement. He goes after his own to exalt his level of credibility and integrity which he has gotten most Ghanaians to believe.

Recently he was heard saying that MPs who received double salaries in their bank account should have refunded it to the state because he himself has received same and refunded it before. Thinking Ghanaians did not believe his assertion, has recently again alerted us that some strange money have started hitting his account.

Instead of going to the bank or speaking to Controller and Accountant General about it, he chose to come out publicly for the whole world to know that what he claimed in the MPs double salary scandal is true and that he is so full of integrity that he will return any suspicious payments into his account.

What at all does Mr. Amidu want to prove with this needless publicity he seeks for himself? Is he embittered with his fall out with NDC? Or for fact that Professor Mills chose Mahama over him as a running mate and won the election? Or perhaps he himself has an eye for the presidency one day but wants Ghanaians to believe how credible he himself is just like Akuffo Addo or what?

Mr. Amidu has turned into a nagging wife who pose as a nuisance to her husband. He is nagging too much to Ghanaians about everything instead of focusing and doing his work per provisions. That said, how serious is this man in regards to fighting corruption in this country?

I mean just take a look at many plaguing issues of corruption levelled against the previous NDC government aside the Woyome case. SADA, bus branding, Ameri deal, Mahama Dubai escapades, Cocobod issue, missing state vehicles, dubios awards of contract, double salaries of MPs etc and all this man does is to go after Alhassan Ayariga’s import of 3 Toyota V8s.

I think Ghanaians expected too much of him to a fault because it is obvious that he has drowned in the over expectations of Ghanaians. Well, to redeem himself I would advice Mr. Martin Amidu to double his efforts to clamp down on all those that have been accused of corruption probably looking at the party that appointed him as special prosecutor. I think that will further go to cement his unbias nature as that is what he also expects Ghanaians to know him for. But honestly if you ask me I think Mr. Martin Amidu is confused in his assigned role and does not know where to begin, what to do or how to end in his function and just engaging Ghanaians in needless publicity.

The Woyome show I believe was a storm in a tea cup otherwise he should prove some of us wrong by cracking more serious cases that will bring national relief and sigh for Ghanaians to say “mo ni yor” (well done)

The election year 2020 is just around the corner and I foresee the office of the Special Prosecutor being made a laughing stock by the NDC if they are not able to come up with something tangible. There has been so many claims by NPP against NDC of how corrupt they have been and if your own special prosecutor is not able to prove one corruption then it is a very laughable matter.

Whether Mr. Martin Amidu would himself maintain his office in the event of NDC win is another issue altogether but I believe he owes it to himself and posterity to prove his worth in the office he occupies now as the first special prosecutor of Ghana instead of nagging. He also needs to watch his temper as a statesman as his exhibition of anger during his vetting with the parliamentary select committee was neither anything good to write home about.

God bless Ghana and help Mr. Martin Amidu to carry the mantle of justice to the latter- something Ghanaians have been yearning for quite a long time.