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Quayson Writes : The Politician Is The Voter’s Slave Master


The issue of electoral violence is an issue of lack of civilisation and high rate of poverty. Not a single soul is lost in advance countries through electoral violence because the people are civilised and the general standard of living of the people is good.

One party is fighting the other because they know what they stand to lose, the opportunity to steal taxpayer’s money. The people that the money belong to don’t even know it is theirs and those fighting for power are in struggle as to who will manage and control the resources for the naive tax payer who has no clue about responsibility and accountability.

The custodians of national resources will by all means have some to fatten their bellies and their accounts as you and I remain in hunger, are impovrished and denied various social amenities. It makes no sense to me why someone is fighting because he wants to serve his country.

If the Politicians are not stealing from us they will not be fighting among themselves and asking us also to fight. Therefore the greater fool are those who fight on behalf of politicians. When will the fighter know that the money being given to him or her to fight is his or her own money which he has contributed by way of taxes.

The politician does not use his personal resources to sponsor anything but what he gets from his political connections and influences. We need to be wise as citizens and charge those who we have given them power to perform their duties for us.

We should not follow them blindly into destruction. Politicians don’t have money, the money they control is for you and I. The money they use for political campaign and sponsoring voilence is for you and I so don’t follow them if they incite violence rather ask them to use the monies to build schools, bridges, roads, hospitals, universities, public facilities for us.

They should use our money to develop our land not to sponsor ourselves for war. We should be wiser than that and we should not allow them to play on our intelligence. Nobody should fight for any politician in this country.

Your vote is your power and you have the legal madate after the age of 18 years to change whoever is in power if you are not impressed. We are not servants to politicians, they are servants to us because we voted them into power.

I wonder why I must vote for you, put you on a political seat, call you honourable but you dishonour me by inciting violence between and my brother? That is unfair, unjust and unacceptable. Why do you as a Politician have to live a good life whiles I the voter must suffer untold hardship?

Why should you have free light, free fuel, free education, free travelling opportunities, free food and fat salaries and benefits whiles I the one who voted for you must suffer to maintain you in power?

Why should I vote for you whiles you enrich yourself and your family educate yourself and children in best schools but give me low, poor quality education and your children grow up to also rule over me? Who made you my perpertual master and me your perpertual slave?

We have it all twisted in our age and time. Politics is different from a Monarchy that discovered a place and raised the place for many generations to become a country or kingdom so all its citizens have allegiance to the throne. Politics is quite different, it is more of a contract between a voter and the politician to enter into office as he is being paid helps the voter to also develop but today’s politicians have neglected their side of the bargain and want us to fight among ourselves rather.

They have made themselves masters over us when we gave them power to be where they are. They buy guns and amunitions with our own monies and ask us to kill ourselves. They give the guns to our sons and brothers to kill themselves in violence, they divide us so they can rule over us. To the Politician he is wise and sees the voter as a fool.

When will be enlightened and ask ourselves what have this persons done for us that we should still give them power to rule over us? We must wise up and task them to enforce their side of the bargain. No Politician is better than any voter in any way. If you get there and you can’t serve the people but you are tempted to oppress them then please step down and allow those who are willing to serve to take the mantle of leadership.

The youth today have been deceived by politics to know that the only way they can make it is through politics. Suddenly the youth have abandoned all they have studied in school to seek greener pastures in politics which only later turns them into professional thieves and liars.

Politics is a call to duty and to service and not an opportunity to amass wealth. This wisdom must be peddled for the youth to understand. The way to make big monies is by doing business and the way to serve your people is through politics therefore if you are not willing to serve but to make money don’t go into politics but do business. One man said no one can be rich in politics unless you are a crook and it is true because the problem of people are so many that if you want to solve them, there is no way you can be rich. Give contracts to those who deserve it not just your political mates.

This whole political division and scuffles is not helping us move forward. Give me development not an AK47 for me to go and kill that innocent man or woman with family. All politicians in our land should be very careful of making themselves our slave masters and maltreating us the people who gave the power because our God in heaven will not spare.

Every politician must see a call to serve the people as a call to be accountable to God in the end. You will account for every lie you have told the people, every evil you have meted out to them, every discord you have sowed among brethren, every blood of you have shared and every money you have stolen that belongs to the people.

You are neither smart or wiser than the people that gave you power but they trusted you to give them development but if you come out to want them to kill themselves, oppress them and cause them to suffer, the Lord God Almighty is a righteous Judge and he will judge you in the end so let’s us becareful of how we treat positions and power.

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