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Quayson Writes : The “Fat Cow” Prophet – Owusu Bempah


So will Owusu Bempah apologise with a fat cow to all the people he claimed will die in 2019? Why single out only the National Chief Imam? Does this mean it is not God that spoke to him or what? I don’t get the reason for his apology. The same God that asked him to prophesy has asked him to apologise to national chief Imam with a cow because his church was attacked by muslim youth?

What about Mahama, Bawumia, Kuffour, Asantehene? Or because their followers did not vandalise his church so they don’t deserve a cow and an apology? Clearly Owusu Bempah by his action has clearly admitted that he is a fake prophet and he is in no way from God.

Which prophet in the bible prophesied and apologised for it or who did God apologise to in the bible? His actions clearly shows that he wants to protect his business (tithes and offerings) from further damage by the muslim youth because he is afraid they will attack him or his members during church service one day.

Owusu Bempah has turned God into an object of mockery. For the first time in the history of Christianity, God is apologising to man for his prophecies. This so called prophet is a complete chalartan, a deceiver and a liar, a wolf in sheep clothing hiding in the church business and duping the masses and the whole president of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo fell for him. Well, we know as usual the President was misled.

What a country called Ghana and what a prophet called Owusu Bempah! I think our Christian council should put measures in place to control the activities of pastors like Owusu Bempah. The bible says that the power of life and death is in the power of the tongue and anyone that loves it will eat the fruit of it. This means God concurs to the fact that the tongue has the power to cause death so we should not allow these prophets to be prophesying the doom for people in this nation, causing general fear and panic. Supposing the Muslims declared war against the Christians in this country, what do you think will happen? How can you prophesy that someone who is 99 years was going to die this year? This is just unheard of and must not repeat itself.

I think its not only the Chief Imam Owusu Bempah must apologise with a cow to but all the people he has prophesied death for them. I think Asantehene should take him on for announcing his death and disposing. A man of God does not prophesy about a King, a president, a vice president that way. It does not show respect to authority in the land something the bible tells us to.

If this sort of behaviour is not curtailed or controlled other pastors will see it as a way to make money to attract souls by giving out such silly prophecies in the country. This trend must vehemently be condemned before it degenerates into a national crisis one day. To the best of my knowledge Ghana does not have a national prophet and no one must elevate himself to that level. If you know how to prophesy, prophesy to only your church members and collect your tithes and offerings, don’t come and disturb anybody in the land.

Any media house that allows so called prophets to come and say such things on air should be closed down by the government and they will stop these things. The churches of these so called prophets of doom must also be closed down as it is being done in Rwanda. What has prophesy done for Ghana? How has it helped the nation in anyway? Like Paul said we suffer fools gladly. As a nation we must invest time and effort in science and technology and how with good governance we can improve the general living condition of the people of this land and not relying on prophecies. We don’t need prophecies in Ghana for anything. Prophecies of death all the time, why? Prophecies could not save Kofi Annan, Atta Mills, Aliu Mahama etc. No one saw their death in this country. Lies!

I am waiting till the end of this year 2019 to see if the prophecies will come to pass and to see all the new prophecies that will be given for 2020 whether it will include death prophecies after what the Muslim youth put Owusu Bempah through. Next time he should try and pull that stunt and see something. Do your church business and leave people’s lives alone as if you will never die as a prophet prophesying people’s death.

We are nearing an election and we don’t need this juju men to come and cause divisions in Ghana with their fake prophecies. A word to a wise is enough.

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