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Quayson Writes : Societal Curses And How They Are Attracted


One very bad behaviour of most traders in the market is that they will display nice wares and give you sub-standard wears upon demand. Honestly this is not good and it is not different from theft, 419 or duping. Besides it’s a curse to you if you do such things because what the person is buying is with his hard earned money just to come home to notice you gave him something inferior. If the person’s heart pricks and says something evil in the air against you, believe you me you cannot escape it. This is the reason many people are dying in numbers in this our time.

Police men are finding by force offense with drivers and taking bribes. The drivers after moving their cars don’t say good things about you and it goes a long way to affect you spiritually. Have you noticed most policemen but not all though die very young? It is some of these things. People come from various homes and not everybody believes in God. The driver, mate or passenger you are molesting may meddle with powers at home. Some have shrines in their homes and local materials under their beds they speak to before stepping out in public or retiring to their beds. So let’s becareful.


Recently I witnessed a young man who has been duped by thieves with a fake phone packaged with tiles. He bought it by the road side and they swapped his, he noticed something wrong and wanted his phone back. The crooks almost beat him up until a good Samaritan offered to put him in a cab to escape the scene. The young man apparently was drunk and full of tears. I felt so sorry for him. Though I don’t encourage buying “connection” goods by the road side this young man’s tears is a curse to all those that did this to him and it shall never be well with them. How can you take someone’s money and phone, and you want to beat him in addition to an extent he shares tears and anguished with pain? It can’t be well these culprits even if he doesn’t open his mouth to curse them.

I saw videos of policemen assaulting a stout Uber driver to an extent they sprayed pepper spray in his eyes. This is somebody going to look for money to feed himself and family. Even if he has offended, is that the best way to brutalise him and spray his God given eyes with pepper spray? No! Mr. Policeman you cannot escape this curse no way even if the man was a truant. He wielded no weapon and was not a criminal. Why do you beat him and many of you overpowered him because you hold guns and pistols? This is not good and God’s wrath cannot be quenched against such wickedness. Sometimes imagine you were doing this before his wife and kids or his parents, how will they feel? We need to correct this great evil in our society for that is what is cutting the life of this generation very short.

You cannot as a politician steal and spend tax payer’s money without giving them a good standard of living and think you will ever escape the wrath of God. Impossible! Mr. Boss you cannot sleep with somebody’s wife or that small girl because you want to give her a job and expect it to be well with you. No way! Trouble, problem and a curse will surely locate you.

You cannot take advantage of someone in a venurable situation and expect God to be smiling with you just like that. There are good spirits and bad spirits around and they watch and see all evil that goes around. Even if God doesn’t pay you back these spirits will pay you back. Look there are good spirits walking among us that help good people not necessarily the holy spirit or any spirit from God.

These are spirits of good people, gods, ancestors, spirits of dead innocent children etc walking around that help good people. They deliver people from accidents troubles, problems etc even people who may not believe in God that is why some people think there is no God but there is God. God’s ultimate purpose for man is salvation yet he has marked his own and his eyes are all over the righteous. No evil comes to them as angels are given charge over them.

In the same vain we have very bad spirits in the universe, spirits of idols, dwarfs, evil god’s, dead wicked men and women etc walking all over the place and they reward evil. Sometimes it’s not God punishing you, an evil spirit has taken hold of your case. We also have demons, principalities and powers of darkness that gain legal grounds by our many evil ways.


Tell me, how can you sleep with that desperate young lady you have not married in the name of a job after the parents have paid her fees and expect to escape from punishment? Why will you a young man sleep with so many young girls and break their hearts and expect life to be well with you? They will curse you and evil spirits will take over.

Young girl how can you pride yourself in sleeping with people’s husband and being promiscuous with men not waiting for your own time to get married and you think God is happy with you? That car you drive, the house rented for you, the clothes you wear and the larvish life you live sponsored by somebody’s husband to you when his wife, children and relatives are suppose to enjoy that and you think you will escape damnation? One day a little girl will use your husband like a toy boy and if you don’t take care you will die of heart attack. Your own husband will come home drunk and beat you up because of a small girl he has fallen in love with somewhere but at that time you will not remember all the evil you did to somebody’s husband. Someone else will spend your husband’s money like the way you spent someone else’s. At that time don’t complain because what goes around will surely come around. Be happy and enjoy yourself now with somebody’s husband but I can assure you from the depths of my heart that you will pay for it one day.

God forgives sins but does not per say prevent consequences so you sin at your own peril. Remember when David slept with Uriah’s wife and murdered him also, God though he forgave him yet that curse of his actions never departed from his house. His own son Absalom slept with his wives and concubines publicly in the eyes of all Israel. He slept with Uriah’s wife secretly but his own wives were slept with publicly and by his own son. Sword never departed from the house of David either as his own children were killing themselves and even wanted to kill him. His children were even committing incest with each other just because of a sin that David their father committed.

There is an evil spirit behind any curse and every curse has a maturity date. If it has not happened now, it will happen later so lets becareful in life on the evil we mete out to others. It’s not the fault of that boy or girl to be a step child, but just look at the great punishment you are given him or her just because he is not your own child? Do you think you will escape from curses that comes from every tear that drops out of that child’s eye anytime you maltreat him or her ?

I have heard people say I just don’t like this person because my spirit doesn’t accept him. I hated him the first day I saw him, can you create a human being? Who did any of our religious leaders hate when they met them the first time? It is not in your place to hate any human for you did not create them neither is it in your place to do anyone evil for God created us all and God is our master.

You are not master or Lord over anybody. If by privileges, luck, chance, opportunity, grace etc that you find yourself better somewhere or enjoying good life don’t look down upon others because you are not their creator. Thank God for all your privileges and do good to mankind not evil and desist from being evil to others.