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Quayson Writes : How Slay Queens Are Becoming A Social Cancer In Ghana


Slay queen phenomenon is becoming a disturbing issue in Ghana because some are sponsored by taxpayers money by filthy thief politicians. This is not a political issue but a matter that corrupts the morale fabric of our soceity and we have to watch it as a nation. A peddling video by an anonymous fellow recounts a minister of state paying Ghs1,000 per week to a slay queen to have his ‘korti’ sucked, that is Ghs4,000 per month.

According to the man the said slay queen is on government payroll. He also said hardworking businessmen will not spend on slay queens though I disagree. He should have said non-political hardworking business men in Ghana. There is no difference between a politician and most businessmen in Ghana if you ask me.

They do the same things and infact are affiliates in everything especially corruption, that we know quite well. If they can share in corruption, why not slay queens? We have only few decent ones amongst, sadly to say. My respect goes out to every politician and business person doing genuine work without corruption but to those stealing moneies to sponsor these girls, let me announce to you, that very soon God himself will kill you.

Our young women these days don’t value the rudiments of hard work and it’s accompanying dividends, they prefer the short cut and sucking on an old man’s pen.is for worldly favours. They don’t respect the young men these days because they cannot keep up with their expenditures but the filthy old minister can. Minister of State banging somebody’s future wife and if the young man can’t keep up will jump into crime or ‘Sakawa’.

We have lost our culture and values and our greatest motivation now is money. Young girls sleeping with their father’s age for money. Our universities have turned into a brothel for prostitutes. ‘Slay queen’ has become a nice and catchy word used to describe prostitutes these days. There is no difference between a prostitute and a slay queen. They are all the same. One is an open truth and the other is a fabricated lie.

Social media is celebrating them with also misguided souls as their followers liking their pictures and giving them stupid supports with senseless and foolish comments on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. Gone are the days when we celebrate intelligence of womanhood and pride ourselves in the achievements of women.

Soceity has been reduced to an extent prostitute have many followers on social media and irresponsible Corporate organisations with devlish old men in charge of affairs making them brand ambassadors of their products and services because they have been sleeping with them. What a shame!

A wonderful initiative called ‘year of return’ was marred by activities of slay queens as they offered themselves cheaply to our long lost sinlings through slave trade on our beaches and recreational areas. An opportunity we should have seized to promote trade, investment, ICT, education, religion, culture etc, we saw it being used to promote immorality among the youth as Prophet Kofi Oduro also said.

Many tourists love Ghana not because they want to invest here but our girls are very cheap even those we call our celebrities. Cardi B will have none of this cheapness as she stood them up at hotel kempenski. It’s about time we as Ghanaians and Africans need to frown our faces on these social menace of slay queens. It is a silent nation wrecking phenomenon but we undermine the indirect destructive potency it carries against our national development. Let’s watch this happenings.

Our sisters and daughters are watching what is happening and if we don’t rise up to change this national immoral fabric, they will eventually toe that line and we will be a nation filled with the whoredoms of Jezebel. The way Ghana is going now, we are breeding a Jezebel generation that will certainly attract the wrath of God. We all have a responsibility, corporate Ghana, churches, mosques, communities and families. Let us project the decency of womanhood and eschew this slay queen phenomenon. I rest my case.

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