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Quayson Writes : Rest In Peace Manuel Junior Agogo


Rest In Peace Manuel Junior Agogo. Here is a footballer born, bread and lived in UK, had all the best type of life with fame, fortune and glory and yet died mysteriously with a stroke. We thought stroke normally occurs to the inactive and based on lifestyle at times though we didn’t know his private life, yet to think this was a running, exercising football striker tells you that life is sometimes filled with the unexpected and it doesn’t matter your location, death can come calling on you anytime.

His location didn’t help him live long neither did his profession sustain him on earth for long, when his time came, he has left us sadly. All the past glories, fame and fortunes could not keep him here as he bids farewell to us all. Footballers are great but he is one of the few footballers I admired so much for no particular reason, may be his physique and attitude towards play.

I remember him to be one of the foreign based players who managed to settle in Black Stars quite well as a striker but the truth is I was always afraid for him knowing how our football terrain here in Ghana is soiled with all kinds of diabolic powers. As his name was being cheered and became very popular among the ladies in Ghana, at the back of my mind, I knew some of his team mates will not be very happy with him.

Knowing his foundations in UK I wonder if he has any serious spiritual backing since living with whites gives you a different perspective in life and you don’t see the need for spirituality. Am I suprised at his death? No, for me it was always expected for a rising star of his calibre on the African continent to go down like this if he is not spiritually connected. I feel very sorry for him and his family.

Call me paranoid but you can witness how his football career kept dwindling after CAN 2008 and the last time we heard of him is being struck down with a stroke in 2015 that he could not even write. What a surprise, such a strong, energetic and ladies lover Agogo to go down like this is very strange and I don’t know whether his decision to come and play for Ghana was right in the first place.

Hardly do high earning footballers of this generation go down like this but all the same God knows best. I have great respect for the likes of Mario Ballotelli for maintaining his grounds not to even play for Black Stars because they would have killed his football career in Ghana here with ‘Juju”. Don’t think I am not patriotic, far from that, until we get our psyche and attitude as black people right, this continent does not deserve gallant heores and stars who will only end up in the cemetery through black magic if God is not on your side. You can see how Prince Boateng is now struggling to gain enough recognition in his foreign clubs after playing for Black Stars whiles his brother Jerome Boateng is having a very stable football career in Germany.

The likes of one super fast footballer, Afriyie or so I can’t hear of him again, he also played in CAN 2008. When you say a prayer, say one for all the foreign based football players who come to Ghana to play our national team. The envy alone is just too much and now football has been reduced to black magic in Africa so absolutely no one is safe. Our music and football industry is getting dangerous by the day. Manuel Junior Agogo, rest in perfect peace. God keep your precious soul till we all meet again in paradise.

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