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Quayson Writes : Pull Him Down (PHD) Syndrome


Do Not Walk Like Us

John 5 : 10 The Jews therefore said to him that was cured. It is the sabbath day : It is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed.

The background of this story is a group of Jews who thought that a man that was healed by Jesus and had been by the pool of Betheisda waiting for the stirring of the water by an angel for 38 years should not walk because it was a sabbath day. According to Jewish laws, one should not work or do miracles on that day. Therefore it is illegal for the man to carry his bed and walk. It was illegal for the man to be healed so they wanted him to go back to being a cripple. And I love the answer Jesus gave them. He told them my father works everyday and I must equally work. The Mosaic Law was made for man and not man for the Law, he told them. Infact he told the man his sins are forgiven but they thought it blasphemy. Let me diagnose their folly the more as this is the exact scenario in our society today :

Diagnosis of their folly

1. They have been seeing this impotent man for 38 years and no one devoted to help him in any way.

2. They have forgotten that they themselves are walking and it is a sweet thing to walk. They prefer to see him suffer in the state he was.

3. Now Jesus comes and with his word healed this impotent man and gave him an outstanding miracle of walking and they are opposing it because it is sabbath.

4. I am sure for all the 38 years they have despised the impotent man not helping him and now that he has received a miracle, they wish for him to get back to his old state of being lame.

5. They were afraid what this miracle could mean to the popularity of Jesus once it spreads abroad.

Today’s World Scenario

Precious one, let me submit to you that there are people happy to see you in the bad condition you find yourself in today. Infact they smile with you and try to console you but deep inside of them, they are happy to see you in the bad situation.

They don’t want you to come out of the negative situation you find yourself in because they know you are greater and better than them. They don’t want you to surpass them in life.

Some people don’t want you to get to their level. They always want to see you down trodden and useless in life and if you try to rise they attempt both physically and spiritually to bring you down.

Know no man in the flesh the Bible says. Those who laugh and smile with you many at times are wolves in sheep clothing. They are not in your best interest. They seek every opportunity to make sure you don’t shine, surpass or get to their level because they allow Satan to work through them.

Separate Yourself

Separate yourself from any man or woman that radiates negative energy towards you or try to discourage you or someone who is not genuinely happy for your success or miracles in life. These are dangerous people who will do anything to prevent your destiny. But God is mighty and they won’t succeed.

Your key is Jesus, he is your power, your strength and salvation. Shun the devil and his cohorts and rely on the Most High God. David said I have been young and now I am old, I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for bread. God is on your side and you will win all your battles.

Negative Attitudes

You see this same attitudes in our politics, work places and in our houses and environments, among family members and it is bad. When people try to question why God should bless somebody so they try to fight you in every way possible forgetting that they themselves are not stones to live on this Earth forever or that they don’t control over their own breadth.

If God decides to seize their breadth for just five minutes, they will be lost forever. I respect men alot but have no fear for man. I can’t fear God and man at the same time so I speak my mind and take my stands on any matter and prepared to die for what I believe in if God will let it be so.

Man’s Constitution And The Holy Book

Men trying to suppress their fellow men in business, politics, religion, economic and social life. Who was there when the world was being created? And who has power over another when God has not ascribed that power to you? The things I have written in my life are far volumenous than Ghana’s constitution yet this is the book we have all agreed to govern us in this country.

People take public office based on constitutional provisions and within a split of time an ordinary man becomes so powerful because of constitutional provisions suppressing the freedom of others simply based on the Constitution just like the Pharisees who forbad the man to walk because the law of the sabbath was against it.

Why do we use regulatory issues to stifle genuine youth businessmen and women in this country just because a book has given you the mandate to operate at a certain quarters? To hell with that, we will not be part of such a system and we will be defiant in our hearts and minds.

Well if the Constitution can give men powers that they abuse it to the detriment of the masses then what do you think God’s word contained in the Bible or Quran can do? I believe in every religion so long as it preaches good virtues. Let God himself decide those who will go to heaven on the judgement day but on this Earth I see no religion just a fellow human.

Recommended Posture

See every difficult situation as an opportunity to prove God. Not everyone has that privilege. With God all things are possible. So prove Him in that difficult situation instead of giving up. After you have tried God which I guarantee you will be victorious, it is at that point that you become a true witness, witnessing to those that doubt God’s power. A man without problems lacks the opportunity to witness the power of God.

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