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Quayson Writes : Politicisation Of Kidnappings In Ghana

A few days ago we were greeted with news about the arrest of the National Chairman of the NDC, Mr. Ofosu Ampofo as having to be the brain behind the various kidnappings in Ghana. I know by political gimmick he will be released soon. Before my thoughts of his release could end, I was told he had been released from Police custody.

According to news sources, prime suspects have mentioned his name and by himself has also made certain utterances which was recorded on tape and played everywhere. You could hear the supposed voice trying to champion the course of mayhem in the country of which kidnapping was one of the crimes the voice on the tape was suggesting should be carried out to frustrate the ruling NPP government.

NDC has however come out fiercely to deny this assertion with the former president Mahama claiming their chairman cannot be invited to the police over this frivolous accussation. We have also heard members of the NDC caucaus claiming the tape has been docked.

Only God knows the truth and the brain behind these kidnappings. Mr. Ofosu Ampofo who had refused to turn up at the invitation of the police hopping from one hotel to another in escape for which a court warrant was issued and an arrest made two days ago. He was however granted bail 4 hours later the same day of his arrest.

Well, all these turn of events are quite interesting. I mean in Ghana we had no issues of kidnapping until recently. The country we know in Africa that have being perpetrating these henious crimes is none other than Nigerians and from look of things their population in even getting more than we the Ghanaians that this country belong to us.

Every nook and cranny of this land you find Nigerians there and you just don’t know what they are doing in this country? These Nigerians are known for fraud, crime and prostitution in any country they find themselves. Only a few of them lead a decent life.

It is therefore not surprising that the recent Canadians that were rescued from kidnappers, Nigerians were involved. Now our three Takoradi girls cannot be found anywhere. Where are they now and who has kidnapped them? We cannot tell where this is heading to or what has happened to these girls.

Some are of the view that they have been exported outside of Ghana. Only God can tell us where these girls have been taken to. My worry however is how security operatives have handled these two scenarios of the missing Ghanaian girls and the Canadian girls (who have been rescued in just two days of kidnapping). I never knew National security was that swift in their operations until now.

In just 2 days these Canadians have been rescued from their kidnappers and for months now we cannot still find the whereabout of the Takoradi girls. I mean as a country we need to uphold the tenets of law and order but the way this whole kidnappings have been handled in this country is an apology to our own conscience especially government. I think it’s really bad and pathetic. You can see the handwriting of politics all over it.

Let us speak the truth. Because we want to politicise the 3 ‘kidnapped’ girls case in Ghana so efforts put in by our security apparatus is not much to write home about. But when we realised our international relations with Canada and foreign countries will be affected, look at the speed with which the kidnapped Canadian ladies were rescued. There is just an attempt to pin the kidnapped Takoradi girls on the NDC chairman, Ofosu Ampofo and the party. It’s rather unfortunate.

I urge the Ghana Police and National Security to look beyond the political lines in execution of their tasks and fulfil their diligent duties to Ghanaians which is upholding law and order.

Families of these lost girls are still wailing and we rather spend time to politicise these issues, it’s unfair to them. Whatever method we adopted to rescue these Canadians, same effort should be put in rescuing these lost three girls. So far no ransom has been demanded by anybody, anywhere and I am wondering if it’s actually a kidnapping or a ritual killing?

We need to get to the bottom of this matter and rid ourselves of these criminals in our land. Let’s guage our comments by the sentiments of the affected families. I am sad, very sad, that once a very disciplined and peaceful country has opened it’s doors wide to criminals from foreign lands to collaborate with ours to be perpetrating these henious crimes in our land.

Ghana immigration service must do something about our immigration issues in this country. If it takes going from house to house to check citizenship and rightful stay in this country, it should be done as soon as possible. If Nigerians can’t live in peace with us, we should rid ourselves of them.

The justice system should also help. The biggest lead we have in this are those who have been arrested. Let’s get as much lead from them to locate the whereabout of the Tadi girls. God help mother Ghana.

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