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Quayson Writes : Political Games With NAM 1’s Case?


Some people are of the view that most of NDC’s finances are locked up in Menzgold Company Limited and if NAM 1 should be released to Ghana he will have to pay them their monies which will adequately resource them for their campaigns in 2020, something that NPP wants to avoid so they are keeping him somewhere. We are not claiming to know the truth, we are only presenting the views of the public and this is the general perception out there.

Some think if not because NDC people have their money there, government would have intervened to pay them their monies long time ago. They believe government is doing everything to make sure that NDC lacks the resources to compete with them for power.

They think this is why government has kept NAM 1 from the public domain. Alot are of the view that NDC is now broke including some of its parliamentarians who have their investments there. This is why they keep on postponing the dates of the presidential primaries.

People think this strategy is being adopted so that NDC members especially will not have money to run for 2020 elections. This will make it easy for NPP to retain power again in the general elections easily.

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong even said on TV that he knows parliamentarians who have invested in Menzgold heavily. Some of them sold their houses, others rented theirs and put all their monies into Menzgold.

This means that most of the parliamentarians are also broke and cannot campaign effectively in 2020 to defeat their NPP compatriots. Just recently we saw a list of names of big men that have invested huge monies in Menzgold. Some including former president Rawlings have come out to deny that they have no investment whatsover with Menzgold.

Others are of the view that the government is going after NDC financiers and their businesses to cripple them so that they can’t support the party for them to come to power again in 2020. Certain banks that the government has taken over, some believe have affiliations with NDC and that is why government took over them.

On NAM 1’s issue again, others also believe he is not even in Dubai but hiding somewhere else. The release of NAM 1 will mean NDC will get their monies paid to them which will resource them for 2020 campaign. So the whole trick is to delay NAM 1 so that after the 2020 elections he will come out and pay his creditors.

We will not be suprised at this as the government gave us 2nd February, 2018 for his first court hearing which actually falls on a weekend and called it a mistake. Which court sitting takes place during weekend?

Some also believe that NAM 1 has invested chunk of the monies received somewhere so by the time he comes out from hiding which will be after 2020 he will have enough money to pay all those he owes.

If this is true then government is not being fair to Ghanaians at all as it is not only politicians who have invested their monies in Menzgold but ordinary Ghanaians who have toiled for their investments.

It behoves on the government not to play political games with people’s investments just to get at NDC but wherever NAM 1 is, he should be brought up and made to pay all that he owes Ghanaians whether he is in Dubai or wherever.

One gentleman claiming to be the brother of NAM 1 has come out to say that even big men in EOCO were bribed by NAM 1 and many of them took gifts from him as well. We have heard there are some footages CCTV camera which officials from EOCO went there to retrieve or temper with evidence but couldn’t find it. So far we don’t how true this is and we are asking government to help us in this direction.

We want the truth to be told and NAM 1 to be brought to Ghana to answer certain questions and pay people what he owes them. If Politicians want to play games with this NAM 1 issue, they should take the ordinary Ghanaian out of it.

Many people have also quizzed why the president has not said anything about NAM 1’s issue so far? Now we have heard only from the finance Minister and Information Minister who have said government is not ready to pay a pesewa. Infact Ken Ofori Atta told Ghanaian investors that they were greedy to have invested in Menzgold.

The President virtually says something about what affects Ghanaians but why not this Menzgold case? Some believe there are so many political interests in this case that is why the president is quite about it but whatever be the case, God is watching, the Menzgold investor is watching and Ghanaians are watching what all this will lead to.

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