Quayson Writes : Other Continents Can Celebrate Obama And Kofi Annan But Africa Should Not

In our chastisement against the white imperialist, colonialism and neo colonialism, I don’t think Kofi Annan and Obama did much to help Africa at all. And I am wondering, will Africa get another opportunity to head the two greatest institutions in the world again, USA & UN? Well, may be not in our time.

I mean Obama and Kofi Annan never threw their weight behind African Union because they knew that will disfavour them with the white folks that lifted them up to occupy the high position they did in the world. Should I think that rather the West used these two sons of the soil to bribe the bruised African personality disfigured by their own slavery and imperialism on our soil so many years back?

Obama is quoted saying that his worst mistake as a president is what happened to Muamar Gadafi in Lybia. I believe that the West manipulated him to kill both Osama Bin Laden and Muamar Gadafi because the African as usual can deliver for their slave masters. After all it was Africans that was used to build Europe, America and many parts of the world.

African are known to deliver but somewhat cannot govern their own selves into progress and development. That is where the white man comes in with his superior knowledge to superintend over the African to get the best out of him for his own development. It’s quite sad if you think of it. Even now the African race is being persecuted all over the world but I can bodly say it is Africans that built the world.

Obama and Kofi Annan shied away from us because they feared what their slave masters would do to them if they find them championing the African course. It would have been very easy if Kofi Annan and Obama had shown the commitment and support to the African Union for us to achieve the United States of Africa, something that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Emperor Haile Selasie fought for. But will these two African leaders help us to achieve what we started? No they would not because of Western influence but when they die they are buried on African soil.

You would think that the African fighting so hard for it’s independence over the years, (the one we have now is a mirage) would now use the opportunity as a world leader to achieve that goal but not Obama and Kofi Annan, they rather sought for the applauses of the African slave masters by focusing their agenda on other continents which has no bearing on Africa.

Selflessness they say, I would rather not be selfless it leads to self-denial. These two giant of Africa denied their motherland and rather allowed themselves to be puppeteered in the interest of their appointers – The Whites. I mean Africa is behind America and Europe about 100 years distance so it was a fine opportunity for them to use their influence to bridge the gap.

Imagine Nkrumah or Emperor Haile Selasie had this giant opportunity on the world stage to propagate the African unity concept? It would have been so marvelous but because they did not side with the Whites so they engineered their overthrow and exile.

What Africa needs are leaders at the world stage that can champion the course of Africa. Kofi Annan and Obama had that opportunity but they did not utilise it. The West as it would seem has become a necessary evil for Africa’s development agenda although i would not have it so, yet I must say no white man will champion the development of Africa unless we do so ourselves.

I believe in a development that is people centered that focuses on the individual African as a development agent and target devoid of depending on the white supremacy. Africa needs independence not by way of having it’s own national anthem and flag but economy wise. We need to come together as a continent to seek our common goal. We have to have our own currency, foster trade, common passports, transportation system, anglophones and francophones should come together and team up for the development of this land.

We need to put an end to war and starvation, political violence and vigilantism. We need to eschew terrorism in our continent, trade among ourselves and seek each other’s good and welfare. We must foster both economic and regional integration in everything and we will go far.

The whites are watching us and they know we can’t do without them, let’s prove them wrong. Others like Nkrumah, Gadafi and Haile Selasie have fought well for the integration of Africa, let’s not let them down. We should approach the black or African community in the Western world for them to come and join us here for development. Pan-Africanism is key to Africa’s growth and development. Our brothers in the diaspora have demonstrated their readiness to be part of Africa’s progress, let tap into that. Obama and Kofi Annan have not helped us even at the level they got so now let’s help ourselves right here from Africa.

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