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Quayson Writes : Non-‘Overnight’ Prosperity Agenda (NOPA)


Present Value Of Future 62 Years In Ghana Now

1957 to 2019 which is 62 years is officially overnight on Ghanaian calendar today as the government would have us believe. From look of things another 62 years will not just be enough for Ghana to become a first world country. If we move to first world status in 62 years I would be very suprised from the way we are moving and from our track record as a nation.

Per the rate we are moving Ghana will be double what it is now in 62 years and judge for yourselves if we will still have had economic prosperity by then? Unless by divine intervention or a miracle with this attitude of ‘starting and not finishing’, ‘New King, New Laws’ and project abandonment of previous government which could serve the interest of the people. Readily coming to mind is the 1500 units housing projects, MASLOC vehicles and the ‘Ayalolo’ buses. The abandoned ‘E’ block projects for SHS students by the Mahama led administration just to mention but a few.

From look of things we need another 62 years to be double what Ghana is per Ghana’s economic calendar and economic history. Look at your state now and double your status and see if you will be better off even now – present value of your future self in 62 years to come.

This is what we are made to believe that prosperity does not come overnight. My take is this, if it has taken us 62 years to get to where we are now where is the overnight in this equation? Have we not wasted enough economic progress and development time already. This is an error. They say prosperity must take time to come, I say prosperity NOW.

If you destroy an already moving economy because you want to correct the fundamentals to recreate a new one when you are not sure of your political lifespan in office, where is the overnight here? Your time of correction eats into your Non- ‘Overnight’ Prosperity Agenda (NOPA) .

The ordinary Ghanaian has no time to waste again and is impatient about economic development. We have wasted 62 years already and we are very late, very much behind time as other nations we started with like Malaysia, China, Singapore, Saudi Arabia etc have all moved forward. Let’s not compare ourselves with other lazy nations of the World that are developing and take solace in our current state as an economy but let us look at the ‘big wigs’ countries in terms of development we all started with by way of independence, even for some we gained independence earlier.

Overnight Prosperity is when you continue the legacy of a previous government, move with a development plan that will benefit the masses in the short, medium and long term. Overnight Prosperity is when you stick to more important needs of the citizenry instead of redeeming a personal pledge you made to God by wanting to build a National Cathedral.

Collapsing The Citizens But Commissioning The Spectators

The overnight prosperity is not when businesses are collapsing under your watch and unemployment is on the rise. Overnight Prosperity does not come when you are commissioning the businesses of ‘spectators’ but ‘collapsing’ that of the citizens.

It really takes great men and women to establish businesses to hire others to work in it and for a government to come to power and be collapsing Ghanaian businesses any how but busy commissioning Chinese Companies in Ghana is rather unfortunate and very disheartening.

China takes more from your country than they give you. We are happy to have them as development partners and I personally prefer them because they do not meddle in our politics as compared to the West.

That said I don’t think it is also appropriate to favour them above Ghanaian Companies. If you go to North Industrial area almost all the companies there are for Indians and Lebanese and because they belong to foreigners they are left to do business peacefully but our own government is fighting our own business men and women who are Ghanaians from operating their businesses peacefully. They are using politics to intimidate them which is very bad.

IMF Not In Touch With Reality

Prosperity does not come with economic figures but comes with economic reality. The foreign debts of USA is in trillions of dollars but USA still stands as the world’s greatest economy. We should not be deceived by recent IMF report that Ghana is 4th in African economic growth.

People don’t eat economic figures and IMF does not live in Ghana. If anything at all I think countries have followed IMF to their detriment. I want one country that IMF has helped to achieve economic development. And by the way why is IMF always talking about economic growth but not development?

Economic growth is based more on figures but economic development is based more on infrastructures and general standard of living and that is what the ordinary Ghanaian is more interested in. The next time we think development does not come overnight let us know we are being told 62 solid years is an overnight and we need another 62 years which will not be enough for us by the way.

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