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Quayson Writes : No One Thinks About Ghana, Ghana Thinks About Itself


We don’t trust each other anymore

Suddenly Ghanaians don’t trust each other any more. The bond and love we use to share, the togetherness, oneness and commitment to each other’s course has diminished.

Everyone is looking over his shoulders to see if someone is watching. We have all become suspicious of each other, our moral fabric has degraded. We are given in to corruption, bribery, amassing of wealth, killing and betraying each other for position, wealth and power.

Looking for ways and means to bring each other down. Our institutions have all been polarised. We politicise everything in this country and we are heckling each other and seeking each other’s downfall.

Ghanaians, we have really lost it. A brother brutalises another brother in the name of politics. A friend sells out the other for money. Our institutions that are suppose to uphold law and order are for sale to the highest bidder.

Politicians have infiltrated into every part of the economy with their influence and control. The private sector is at their mercy and capitalism is not what we are seeing now in Ghana.

What we are seeing doesn’t have a name whether it is a Socialist or a Capitalist State, the way the government is involved in everything and businesses looks supressed.

Figures are being supressed intentionally to please world bodies who don’t have a clue about the feeling of the ordinary Ghanaian. To the Politician, once the figures are good then the condition of the people does not really matter.

We need to ask each other, is it the Ghana our forefathers dreamt of and fought for? Is this the way forward for a country in the league of nations? Are we not seeing how other economies we begun with have come moved far and even surpassed us in everything, education, science, technology, architecture, business etc. Speak of Malaysia, China, Botwana, South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Singapore etc.

Do we love ourselves at all and our country? Do we consider our future generations? Do we understand the value of sacrifice for the next generation? We need to do a soul search. We need to look into ourselves as a people. We need to admit that we have failed ourselves.

The motive of every Ghanaian now is greed. Patriotism has completely died out and our concern for societal and human values have completely dwindled. We wish to compete in the global world and become like top countries but we are not ready to undertake the sacrifices that led them to where they are. All we think about is our immediate family.

Youth In Ghana

Every youth in Ghana thinks about how to make it big time, marry, have children and cars, some businesses here and there, travel abroad for holidays, play a role in church and we feel we have made an impact in life. This is how the average youth in Ghana thinks, yet less than 10% in my estimation will realise this dream of theirs because the economy is messed up by politicians. Anyway looking at the average aspiration of the Ghanaian youth, I ask myself, where is Ghana in their plan? No one thinks about Ghana, Ghana thinks about itself.

As it is now, there are only two ways the youth can make it in Ghana, one is political affiliation and two is by being involved in ‘sakawa'(money ritual). Without this two ways, forget about making it in Ghana. So those of us who are not so interested in politics but just want to earn an honest living must go through hell to make it in this country, yet someone with political connection will quickly climb to the top easily. Even when you force your way to the top, they will use politics to bring you down. Some of us have vowed not to depend on either politics or ‘sakawa’ but only God and we will make it for everybody to see it.

If after all our genuine efforts in school we still have to depend on political affiliation to make it in this nation then we prefer to be poor. Ghana must be structured in such a way that anyone who is forceful can make it not those who have political connections. We don’t envy them, because it’s tax payer’s money they use to enrich themselves. We don’t want it.

Almost every big man or business man is made by politics in this country. You don’t get contracts unless you have political affiliation and you pay bribe. We won’t tow that line, we prefer poverty instead. If all our efforts in school we still have to depend on politics to make it in this nation then we prefer to be poor.

Politicians would use tax payers monies to build houses, buy cars and build institutions, another government will come to power and it will be on a halt. Contracts given have to be relooked because figures have been inflated. The cars bought are left at the mercy of the weather, the Ayalolo buses and Masloc vehicles, the affordable housing projects of 1,500 units in Sadgeli are all left unattended to. It was with much pressure that the new Legon hospital was opened. Why do we have to treat Ghana and State resources like this?

Political Involvement In Police Matters

Why are Politicians who have no idea about security matters be interfering with police matters like this? What does Sammy Awuku know about security that he and some NPP big wigs be coniving with deputy IGP to undermine his boss? From certain statements that our IGP made during Ayawaso West Wuogon violence seems that some in the vigilante groups are even on his wanted list but Politicians are using them.

IGP wants to investigate this matter but he is being suppressed not to. Why are we spreading tyranny in this country? Politicians please stop this suppression and come out with policies and initiatives that will help the people and private businesses. Focus on more important things and allow regulatory bodies and security services to do their jobs. No matter what you will not retain power forever.

Vigilante Groups In Ghana’s Political Landscape

You see let’s not be political about this. Both NDC and NPP must dissolve their vigilante groups. We don’t need them in this country. The best you can do for them is send them to school so they can have qualification and employ them in the security services namely police, military etc.

You don’t hide behind politics when you have no qualification that makes you employable and say you are a vigilante group member. All these groups must be quashed by government. How many of these groups do we have in America, Russia, Germany and all the developed countries.

China has 1.2 billion people, how many vigilante groups do they have and this small country called Ghana less than 30 million people and the number of people in the vigilante groups are more than those in the police service and they are spread all over Ghana. All that is needed is one evil foreign government to make weapons available to them and we will have a terrorist group in Ghana or an escalation into civil war. DCOP Kofi Boakye has warned, let’s listen to him.

There was a horrible footage on social media on how voters were being assaulted by security forces.
These are unarmed civilians being terrorised just because of a by-elections. The President and Ghana Police must cause everyone involved in this to be dealt with seriously. You don’t treat human beings like this.

A lying EC Boss

EC boss comes out to say that there were no mask men with weapons at the polling stations. Such a blattant lie. So all we are seeing is an animation video done by Cartoonist.

Next time, don’t act as PRO of Ghana Police by defending the security details. When you begin to defend the obvious ill as an EC boss yourself then you leave the masses to wonder whether you are fair yourself.

All EC bosses must emulate Afari Gyan and how he did his work. We have seen pictures and videos of armed thugs wielding weapons and beating people in the West Wuogon by-elections so when you talk like this, it means Ghanaians are not intelligent and we are blind also.

Admit the shortfalls in any election as an EC chair, apologise for them, put in place corrective measures and promise Ghanaians of something better the next time or better still just keep quite.

Bias In Christian Council Over Political Issues

When you have clergymen whose suits are heavy not because they have been beaten by the rain but because their pockets are filled with residual political ‘coins’, political judgement suffers.

Conscience not seered with hot irons but thirst for eminent recongnition, positions and participation in government meanwhile the politicians in their deepest of minds see them as political numbers because of their affiliation with the church.

Their views are not sought for in government budgets and economic decisions which affect the same economic agents which is the church members because they are seen as only clergymen, yet they will quickly jump with a badge of neutrality pasted on their chest to defend the indefensible and ask for national apologies.

Bias has no coefficient, it is only a political betrayal and a condemnable hypocritical posture. From today I have vowed not to match anyone ‘boot-for-boot’ in Ghana but ‘slippers-for-slippers’ – this is in response to Christain Council asking Mahama to apologise for his ‘boot-for-boot’ comment.

Junior Politicians Being Violent

Whatever be the case, no way should Nana B have slapped Sammy Gyamfi in the face. NPP is trying to suppress the guy because they see him as youth. That is our problem in Ghana, when a youth is trying to say the truth, they will say he doesn’t respect his elders.

So do you consider NDC not wise for voting him, a youth as their Communications Director? I think Sammy Gyamfi has to press charges against him in court instantly. He should not allow this thing to pass at all. NPP should suspend Nana B for this animalistic behaviour, it is so ungentleman and does not speak well of the party at all.

EOCO Boss accussed of extorting money from NAM 1

God is a righteous Judge. You can do things in secret and deceive the public but not God. If there was no reward system by God some of us would have given up long time. God rewards according to your works both good or evil because he sees every dirty thing you do in secret.

Suffice this to say if our ‘Moral’ Institutions are doing this but condemning others, then where are we heading as a country? For EOCO to be accused of extorting money from NAM whiles several Ghanaians who have invested their monies there are crying and you do this. There even claims that government is shielding NAM 1 (read my story on political games in NAM 1’s case).

Kwesi Nyantakyi’s Issue

At the GFA politics have been taken there. Kwesi Nyantakyi was caught on camera claiming the president was in his pocket. In the footage he admitted that if the president is given $5million, his vice $3 million and Asenso $1 million they would take as bribe.

Now I ask myself if Kwesi was not sure of this would he have said this on tape? When the frog comes from the water to tell you the crocodile is dead, would you doubt it? Let’s be the best Judges, Ghanaians. Let’s not only be swayed by claims of our politicians to be pure but let’s judge them by their works and evidences available to show.

Now Kwesi has gotten a football ban from FIFA which has forced him to sell his team Wa All Stars. Are we happy that we cause our own to fall from this height having gotten to such a great hierarchy in CAF and FIFA as well? We kill and destroy our own as Ghanaians.

He has said that his enemies in GFA paid Anas $40,000 to destroy him and his wife has also come out to say that Anas demanded $150,000 but because they could afford only $100,000 that is why the Number 12 footage came out. It tells you our level of wickedness as a country. I don’t know when we will get another Ghanaian to rise this height in football governing body in Africa and the world, all thanks to diabolic people in this country.

Anas himself targetted the president of Ghana. If as a Journalists you live your life like this, God will certainly descend on you one day. Your cup is not full yet so you have your field day. Anas your time will come.

Elders Begin To Get Patriotic At Old Age

There has been calls by some African writers that school children should be allowed to speak their mother tongue in school and not English all the time. This is so true but I sometimes wonder why our elders get so old before they begin to push the African agenda? Every venture needs youthful strength to pursue. If for anything at all the youth must begin to champion this course early.

A professor in Africa will grow old before he changes his European name from Edwin to Yaw Kusi by then it’s too late, age has caught up with them and the youth cannot understand them. Let’s push the African agenda and identity at our youthful age if it will ever be relevant.

True Politicians

A vulcanizer in the Wa Municipality has initiated a project to cover pot holes along the Wa Kumasi road. The vulcanizer through his own initiative bought bags of cement, stones, water etc which they used to prepare concrete for the purpose.

This one is who I see as a Politician not those disturbing our ears on TV and Radio. There is no way people of Wa should not put the man on a ballot sheet. He will help to develop their place because his motivation is not money but to serve and you can see from what is doing.

Grounded Ayalolo Buses

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said and I quote “the black man is capable of managing his own affairs”. Osagyefo, how I wish your ghost can tell us what you saw before making this statement. Why have I quoted Dr Kwame Nkrumah? So many buses purchased by the previous government have been left mercy of mercy of the weather whiles people are queuing for transport every where.

World Bank Response On Grounded Ayalolo Buses

“In a post completion assessment of the project, the Bank rated the implementation performance unsatisfactory. The procurement of buses by the government represented a deviation from the original plan of establishing a limited competitive regime for public transport operations along major routes. The project envisaged that the private sector operators would be responsible for providing the specified quality of buses for operations along designated routes, based on a route license issued by the regulator. Government intervention of purchasing buses meant that the element of private sector initiative and investment in passenger transport in the bid to improve mobility is lost.” – World Bank

Is this the way to go as a nation?

Political Influence In BoG

Let’s take BoG out of our politics in Ghana, it’s just too bad. How can the same BoG give a licence a bank and withdraw it’s license at the same time because there is a change of government?

How come the same BoG supervises irresponsible banks and at the same BoG merge or collapse them? How can same BoG claim the records of banks are in good standing by depending on external audit reports and their own internal reports and at the same time BoG claims capital of these banks have been diverted by board of directors or used for unapproved ventures.

How can government through BoG raise minimum capital requirement to Ghs400 million and at the same time close various banks for not being able to meet threshold because of change of government? How can a governor be sleeping and same governor active under change of government?

Politics is ruining this credible institution in this country and it not good that the monetary machinery of the country is being toyed with by politicians. BoG must be allowed to operate autonomously without dirty political interference.

Ahmed Suale’s Murder

Ken should please stop this damage control by offering Ghs100,000 to those who can show the killers of Ahmed. You can’t use money to buy the conscience of Ghanaians, the police and the judiciary. You showed the face of an investigative Journalist on TV and he was killed. Even if you did not kill him, let that guilt forever remain with you. Use your Ghs100,000 to erase your guilty conscience.

Ghanaians don’t need that money. I keep on reminding every politician in Ghana that you don’t have thousand thumbs, your thumb is only one. One thumb, one vote so you are not better than any Ghanaian and you are not more Ghanaian than anyone. If our politicians will get this truth they will humble themselves. It is people’s collective thumb that has put you where you are amidst the election rigging and stealing so let’s not talk as if the world belongs to us.

When I see politicians that hit their chest and are boastful as if all power belongs to them, I rather pitty them than admire or respect them. Do you people know what power is at all? Politicians must learn humility. Hon. Agyarko who was an MP for Ghana’s most developed constituency is gone and some of you look at the deplorable conditions of your constituencies and you are so boastful. A rich man over poor people is not rich but still poor. Politicians humble yourselves for someone lifted you up to where you are.

Ghana Police have also asked the public if an artist can step forward to draw described image of Ahmed’s killers. Now, because you people never solve murder cases except those murderers who own up themselves or where there are clear witnesses so your department has no artist on board. Don’t look for artist, employ one. This clearly shows that the police service does not really care about solving murder cases but because Ahmed’s murder has attracted public attention, Ghana Police is acting as if they care.

Kidnappings In Ghana

Do Ghanaians understand kidnapping at all? We are rather giving pointers to criminals to start kidnapping girls in this country. Let’s look for the girls, they might not necessarily be kidnapped. One thing about Kidnapping is that the kidnappers will make you aware that the victims have been kidnapped. Is that the case with these girls?

Everybody is shouting kidnap, have we checked with all their boyfriends and do we even know all their boyfriends. One feature about the missing girls is they have reached the age to have boyfriends so let’s not jump too early into conclusion but let’s look for them everywhere possible. Just recently one has been found with her boyfriend.

Retirement Of Public CEOs

I don’t think it’s really necessary to make the retirement of 8 public CEOs public. Between now and March 2019, how do you expect the subordinates or their detractors to react to them? Again if the President can work at 70 years and above I don’t see why all these public CEOs cannot continue in office themselves? Information Minister has denied this news that it is false but we believe it is just a quick U turn made by government after public outcry about the issue especially party people.

I am totally against anybody working in Ghana who is above 60 years regardless of office but I think if the president can be allowed to work in his office above 70 years, then neither is it fair for the same president to ask them to retire by force and to make it public too.

You can serve them a private letter if you may and they in turn put the organisation on notice. But the way it has been done looks autocratic to me. It’s as if there is display of government power and the presidency wants to prove a point but to what extent.

This is too typical with the NPP government, everything is being done in a haste and with exhibition of too much power over everyone. The same thing happened in the banking sector, Menzgold, the Galamsey and mining sector.

Initially, alot of public CEOs have been dismissed in the first year of this president office. Not too long we heard the CEO of Ghana Airport Company and some management team has also been sacked, the deputy governor of Bank of Ghana was also forced into resignation, the former Energy Minister was also sacked.

I mean plenty of these sacks, retirement, collapse, mergers etc but to what extent, my question is? I wish this government will implement policies in this fast manner that will favour the ordinary Ghanaian as fast as it does some of these things. The government is trying to cause fear and panic among public CEOs and private businessmen who may have affiliation with NDC and this is not fair. This can be seen in how the government withdrew the license of Heritage bank.


There are good and positive sides to this government and when we talk about the negative sides no one should see us that we are against any political party, we are only saying the truth, nothing but the truth.

The level of nepotism in this government is amazing yet this same government is sacking people’s fathers and mothers from public offices and collapsing people’s business who also have families to take care of. Is this fair at all to Ghanaians and is this the real change Ghanaians voted for that a man who pleased for our votes should become a tyrant to our economic situation?

We applaud the government for free SHS which even have crippling problems, NABCO etc but we want the government to focus more on building infrastructure and developing the country rather than these things it is doing. It is not fair at all to Ghanaians.

You can see I was trying to list government achievement but only two came to my mind readily which is free SHS and NABCO so I had to say etc. But today if you ask me to list what NDC did I can list about 10 with speed without thinking hard. The government should focus on development and stop these things. Economic liberation and development is what we need not these political games.

NABCO recruits demonstration

Creating new regions and building national cathedrals when basic underlying needs are being ignored like paying NABCO recruits, that you now owe them four months arears. What successful policy has been introduced by this government? Free SHS has double tracking issues now NABCO too?

I heard the educational minister saying now the double tracking is giving him headache. Now they are confused about education they say you need PhD to teach in public universities, now JHS and SHS will be awarded Diploma instead of certificates. The government is just confused. If you change certificate to diploma for SHS but not building more factories, companies and empowering private sector to create jobs, and also lecturers having PhD, how does it create employment or change anything in the economy? Economic impact is zero.

The Cedi is dancing ‘kpanlogo’ against the dollar, bank collapses everywhere, employees of banks are also stealing nowadays, election violence, vigilante groups here and there. Where is direct foreign Investments in Ghana like it was Kuffour time? Where is the infrasturactural development like Mahama time? What is the special prosecutor doing at all? Menzgold customers are crying all over the place, unemployment is on the rise, businesses are collapsing, panic withdrawals everywhere, unprecedented nepotism is on the loose.

My question is where is Ghana going now? Everything seems to be working but nothing seem to make an impact in the lives of the people and economy generally. Only the few party faithfuls have some ‘kola nuts’ to chew so they think Ghana is moving forward. Absolutely nothing is happening because we have forsaken priority and will not continue a good legacy for this nation.

Dustbins In Ghana

Zoomlion contract to supply dustbins was cancelled because according to reports the figures of over Ghs300 million was inflated. You would think there will be an alternative supply yet nothing is happening. I walked a very lengthy meters hoping to find a dustbin just to drop my rubbish in it in a prime area like East Legon and believe you me I found none.

I had to squeeze my way into dropping it in a dustbin supposedly assigned to a Prudential Bank ATM machine. The way the Police Officer looked at me, I could see he wanted to tell me something but I just looked at him with the ‘we are all citizens and not spectators’ smile and just walked away.

You know, here I was trying to be a responsible citizen by not littering yet I couldn’t find a dustbin. Would you blame the person who litters on the ground and make our cities dirty? If dustbins are scarce in a prime area like East Legon then you can imagine other parts of Ghana.

I hope you are beginning to appreciate the Genesis of how filth is amassed in the city of Accra. Even if you want to be responsible the structures in place will make you irresponsible.

Old Structures

Have you noticed those structures of old buildings around Achimota Golf course and school right by the road sides? It’s appalling to see such structures along the beautiful streets of this great place.

I think this place happens to be host to Ghana’s best golf course and if I am not mistaken best Senior High School, Achimota School and to see structures built with 1960 plywoods, so dirty, unpainted by the road side does not speak well of Achimota at all.

We have traders who have also displayed their bamboo wares and African articrafts which is good. Most tourists visits these areas because of the golf course. I think government can do something about these structures to make the place more attractive.

We have so many types of these old structures in the country we need to look at and renovate them and make them a places of tourists attraction that can create both jobs and development at the same time for Ghana.

This and many more issues we should consider and amed our ways if we love Ghana and want to see it prosper because all developed countries made up their minds to correct the societal ills and this is how far God has brought them.

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