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Quayson Writes : Nigerians Living In Ghana


One Africa

Undoubtedly Ghana is a very peaceful country at least as compared to other countries in the world and we are completely grateful to God for such serenity and peace he has given the good people of Ghana. In every place where there is peace the human race will gravitate towards that environment.

Besides in Africa we have regional blocks like ECOWAS and AU that champions the course of economic integration and free flow of trade and movement without barrier accross the continent. It hasn’t been Africans that has found the economy of Ghana good enough and the environment peaceful to do their businesses and trade, many Companies including that of Indians, Chinese, Lebanase, Syrians, Japanese, Americans, the French, the English, the Spanish etc have all opened several business in Ghana.

General Immigrants

In Ghana you can see the presence of many indeginous Africans practicing their trade on our land. Some are even given to begging, I mean professional beggars on the street of Accra that are not Ghanaians but usually from Niger and some Arab African countries.

We see massive trade between the Ghana and Togo border, the Elubo border and Ivory Coast, the northern border and Burkina Faso etc which all have great economic benefits for the trading contries by way of business and exchange of our rich African culture.

Infact I think if you take the issue of migration from the human race, it will not realise it’s full or optimum potential as no man or country is an island in proverbial terms. We need each other and country to strive and to survive. We need to exchange our culture, food, clothing, services like education, banking, healthcare delivery, insurance, religion etc which is all happening today which is good

Fraud And Prostitution

Speaking of services, prostitution and fraud does not come under the broad heading of exchange of services between Ghana and Nigeria but this is what you see most Nigerian youth doing in Ghana today.

Infact if you meet any Nigerian anywhere in Ghana and the person is not in main line business, in school or doing church business in Ghana which is very good for the country, you will either find the ladies to be prostitutes and the men to be doing fraud business.

This is a fact and an empirical truth. Nigerians have come to teach Ghanaians advanced prostitution and fraud business and leading our youth astray in this country. Everywhere in Ghana where there are Nigerians you either see prostitution or fraud in that place and I wonder what the government is doing about this phenomenon?

The staggering number of youth trooping in from Nigeria to Ghana to engage in prostitution and fraud is overwhelming. When Buhari said Nigerian youth were lazy the whole youth of Nigeria took offence but in Ghana here what do they do as a career or as a job apart from browsing the internet in the night and day, catching a “mugu” and chilling. They sit idle, drink and haveduring the day, nothing productive or economical in nature.

Most of the Nigerian girls come to Ghana first and stay in various hotels and guest houses where they practice their prostitution trade. Some will come first and invite their boyfriends from Nigeria to join them later in Ghana. They will go and do prostitution and come and feed their boyfriends with the money that they make.

Those who manage to rent, rent at very exhorbitant fees because landlords will give them their houses for prostitution at exhorbitant fees. This causes the rent to increase generally in the areas where they practice their trade. Infact landlords prefer to give their houses to these prostitutes and fraud boys because they can pay higher rents.

Money Ritual – “Sakawa”

The worse part of this is how they have managed to make our youth fall victims to such practices. Now there is no dignity of being morally upright as a Ghanaian youth because there is ready market for prostitution and fraud in this country taught us by these Nigerians.

Our youth are now into “sakawa” which is ritual money murdering way ward girls they lure into their camp using their body parts for these kind of rituals. Some of them too use these girls spiritually by placing incantations and charms on them so that more money can flow into their direction.

Others also use their parents, relatives and friends for blood money. Now, chatting their clients are not so lucrative so they have employed spiritual means to hypnotise their clients to send them money. They employ the services of witch doctors who ask them to bring human body parts, the reason for various murders in our country. All this is by kind courtesy of Nigerians in Ghana. Ghanaian youth were not known to be so until the Nigerians started coming to Ghana to teach our youth the ritual money business.

You see many young men these days in flashy cars and living expensive lifestyles that you cannot phantom their source of income. All is blood money taught us by these Nigerian fraudsters. Many girls these days even prefer fraud boys as their boyfriends and we thank God that they are also being sacrificed by the day since they will not learn their lessons but are caught up in greed.

Ghana Police

Recently Ghana Police arrested alot of Nigerian fraudsters and prostitutes in this country but you hardly hear they have been repatriated or sent to court. They pay bribes to the police and before you say “Jack” they are back on the street again.

Some of these Nigerian boys are even directly involved in armed robbery in certain areas in Accra. Some of them wield weapons like guns and knives and attack unsuspecting victims who are Ghanaians. Killing our own in our own land. It’s quite disturbing.

Every part of Ghana you get to you see Nigerian immigrants walking or galavanting all over the place and you don’t see the kind of jobs they do. They rent one room and many of them troop to stay there and move out in their numbers at night to their fraud businesses or catch fun in certain areas with their ladies massively engaged in prostitution to compliment their men.

They have taken over places like Lapaz, Spintex, Kasoa, Takoradi, Madina, Dormi Pillar 2, Tabora, Israel, Circle, Tip Toe Lane etc. I mean the Nigerians are everywhere and in most places where they are crime is intensified.

Personally I am privy to some of their exploits because I do hang out at times in some of their restaurants. I enjoy some of their local cousine so I chance upon some of their conversations and activities.

Business And Churches

I have so much respect for well meaning Nigerians who are here and doing genuine business like restaurants, selling of spare parts etc. Nigerians are good at business and if you come accross a good one you have a skill set to learn from by way of business. They can be very industrious but when it is turned into crime it becomes worse. Nigerians are good at being both good and bad.

I particularly find their food and way of Christian worship very appealing. I like the way Nigerian churches pray and their prayer topics. Currently I am a bonafide member of a Nigerian Church called Pure Fire Ministries under Dr. Ps. Enoch Aminu at Kissehman and also affiliated to Rev. Victor Onwuka of Righteous Power Ministry both Nigerians and I have learnt so much from them and continue to learn. I am proud to be associated with them.


What about comedy? Nigerians are one of the most hilarious’s people you can come accross on the face of this earth. They have brought comedy alive in Ghana and we enjoy every bit of it here. They have really commercialised comedy here and our people have also bought into it very fine. They have come to teach our people that you can be a billionaire from comedy. Charter house has organised many series of 1000 laughs in Ghana and it has being a success. Many comedians in Ghana like funny face, David Oscar, DKB etc have all taken a cue from the Nigerians and are doing well on their own too.


Undoubtedly Nigerians have come to teach Ghanaians a lesson or two when it comes to the movie industry I quite remember that the Ghanaian new movie industry was very dormant until there was a surge in the Nigerian movies. We saw Nigerian movies trooping into Ghana and gaining place on our TV stations. Based on mentorship and inspiration gathered by movie lovers in ghana we also saw our own doing very nice movies. The Nigerian movie industry – Nollywood has really inspired Ghanaians to also have the Ghallywood which is the Ghanaian version of the Nollywood or the USA version of Hollywood. I must say that Ghanaians didn’t disappoint at all. We have even gone to an extent of having Kumawood all thanks to these Nigerians.


For the music lovers Nigerian music has taken over our lives I will see the likes of Davido,Wizkid, Timaya, 2face Idibia and a whole lot of Nigerian artists that over the years have given us very good music. Recently Rude Boy of P Square fame revealed that the trend in the Nigerian music was inspired by Ghana music hiplife generally but they took it and polished it and made it better. it’s as if anything that the Nigerian touches turns to gold because I remember very well when it comes to movies Ghanaians were doing quite well and then all of a sudden the Nigerians took over the same applied to a music. Nigerian musicians now become the headline artists for most of the shows we organise in Ghana here. The likes of Wizkid, Davido, P-Square etc have all graced several occasions in Ghana here and it all Foster’s peace, unity and development for both countries.


For one reason or the other Nigeria men really love Ghanaian women. You can attest to this by how they praise our women and our food in their music something Ghanaian artist hardly do. I think they find our women to be naturally endowed behind and are morally grounded at least from my own research I did.

Suprisingly most of our beautiful women are also not just falling in love with their musics and movies but are also warming their beds for them and marrying them. Recently Becca married a Nigerian man. Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson, Jacquie Appiah etc have all warmed the beds of Nigerian men.

Why are they taking all our beautiful girls from us like that? I heard Ghanaian men are stingy and don’t like to spend but Nigerians are big spenders and since women and money move in the same direction, it is not surprising at all that they are marrying them and are quickly in readiness climbing Nigerian beds. I guess Ghanaian men need to up their game a bit.

Recently one very lucky Ghanaian gentleman had the opportunity in a million to sweep the daughter of Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakhilome’s daughter’s off her feet with love into marriage. Yes! That balances the equation of how many of our ladies they have had because certainly this is a very high profile marriage. I really envy that man to be able to win the heart of the daughter of this world wide missionary but then again it tells you how Ghana and Nigeria have grown close and have accepted each other. Praise God for that. Amen!

Call For Peaceful Co-exitence In Development

We accept them in Ghana but we only entreat them to inculcate positive virtues in our lands not the negatives. We have moved beyond just being neighbouring countries but brothers and sisters.

Nigerians feel very comfortable in Ghana here and some consider Ghana to be their home. We receive lots of praises from Nigerian celebrities about our airports and way of living as Ghanaians and we do also accord them the needed respect and praise.

We don’t want them to see our hospitality to be our weakness and engage in activities that will destroy our motherland. We want them to stay here in peace and foster development in this nation not to contribute in sending Ghana back to bartan.

We don’t want them to be engaged in crimes and social rots in our society else our police force will clamp down on them and we don’t want them to see us as bad people in the end. They drove us out of Nigeria in the 80s with the slogan “Ghana must go”, we don’t want to do the same thing to them.

If you look at it carefully, Ghana has the same economic challenges as Nigerians and it is an opportunity for us to come together to foster growth and development not destruction of one’s economy by diabolic activities and infilterating our land with bad practices and norms from Nigeria. Long live Ghana and long live Nigeria. Peace!

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