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Quayson Writes : NDC/NPP Airbus & Galamsey Scandals


I think these two major political parties, NDC and NPP are being unfair to Ghanaians. There is too much hullabaloo in this country over their vociferous activities. It has kept the whole nation confused and in disarray. I as a concerned citizen of this country, I am particularly worried about how these political parties are tossing our minds and getting us confused everyday with their political gimmicks.

Today it’s a galamsey issue, tomorrow it’s an Airbus scandal. When at all will the commoner have rest over the activities of these two major political parties in Ghana? And why have the other political parties kept quite or are they not in this country? NDC and NPP are just accusing each other, left, right, center, back and shitting all over themselves before the voters.

All of them want to expose each other’s weaknesses to score political points. May I remind these two parties that this is how war breaks out in every country and they must tame their approach to some of their accusations. Painting someone black to come to power is just not right. All this dirty tactics being employed by the politicians, in the end it is the commoner that will suffer in war.

All their scuffles is not to help Ghana but to control and steal our resources. I have always quizzed that if your intention is really to serve the people, why must you fight among yourselves? One party wants to prevent the other from controlling the country’s resources because everyone knows what they stand to gain. Ghana’s resources are not for any political party but for the commoner and we don’t need these sorts of scuffles in this country.

Ghana needs peace and the way the politicians are heckling each other’s neck over state resources is just alarming. There is an old adage that says that if two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. If only the politicians will suffer if there is war we don’t have any problem but it is the ordinary citizenry that bears the brunt if there is any problem in the country. Election time is just around the corner and we must beware of our activities.

Today you hear this on the news, tomorrow you hear that. Where are these two parties taking this country to? I believe the international bodies like UN should come in to tame this blame game and witch-hunt otherwise it will lead to something less desirous.

Two revered professors of our land, one dead and the other alive, Professor Evans Atta-Mills and Professor Frimpong Boateng are both on the verge of having their image dealt a terrible blow. Professor Mills represents NDC and his government under his tenure is entangled with Airbus bribery allegation and Professor Frimpong Boateng in the middle of missing excavators and illegal mining on behalf of the NPP government as alleged.

First ever Black African heart surgeon who did a first successful heart transplant the whole world has celebrated is in the middle of a galamsey fiasco as recorded tapes are being peddled ? It’s very unfortunate. NDC chooks NPP then NDC chooks NDC because of electoral votes. Airbus scandal just came then this issue has also errupted. The electorates becomes confused and the whole nation is in disarray. When will these things end in Ghana. The struggle to steal from the commoner.

Professorship which is the highest title and accolade you can get in academics in Ghana here has been reduced to corruption because of politics. What better example can we have to teach our children the importance of education if those who call themselves professors are entangled in this sort of rots.

Indeed as it has always been said that politics is a dirty game. No matter your educational qualification if you enter into politics you must be prepared to have your image tarnished one way or the other. It becomes worse if you yourself are corrupt. From look of things we can’t say both professors have lived up to their titles unless proven otherwise.

We can’t also allow fools to be in charge of Ghana but if we have our academicians disappointing us in this manner then where do we turn to? Because of greed and selfishness in politics, professorship is losing its respect in Ghana. Professor Gyampo of University of Ghana came touting on our political frontiers until his image was also dealt a blow when he was filmed making advances on a female student.

Our standards are falling as a nation because of politics and all the strategy of NDC, NPP struggle for power is just to covet state resources. Where does the voter or the commoner stand in all this?

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