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Quayson Writes : NDC flagbearership race – A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand.


NDC presidential aspirants please stop insulting and accusing yourselves in the face of Ghanaians and compete against each other in decency. A kingdom divided against itself shall not stand and that is what the word of God says. The kind of bad mouthing I am seeing in the NDC for the contest of flagbearership is something I have not seen in NPP, Yes! NPP have their own misgivings but not this sort. If anything at all can’t you respect our former president H. E John Dramani Mahama?

Dr. Spio Gabrah calls him corrupt and Mr. Alban Gbagbin has issues with his past appointments. Joshua Alabi is all over Mahama and Kofi Adams, and Stephen Atubiga or whatever his name is dares to tell our former President that presidency is not to demand for a second round. What crap?

If anything at all he has occupied a higher office than all of you in this land and you need to show him some level of respect for God sake. Delegates don’t vote based on insults and much babbling but they vote for a visionary leader, someone who can lead the party to a convincing win against the great elephant.

My advise to all the aspirants of the NDC flagbearership is to be mindful of their words for that is a dent on their own personality and reputation. An opportunity given you by the media man to air your view is not an opportunity to display your ungentlemanliness by insulting and casting insinuations against each other.

Politics has indeed become very cheap in this country that anyone with a loud mouth wants to utter indecent words against their opponents. What does Mahama owe all of you? Can’t you campaign devoid of attacking the man knowing he is also human and possibly regrets of some of his mistakes?

What kind of hypocrisy is this? When he was president, you hailed him and called him “Your Excellency” and you followed him to events and applauded all his speeches. Now he has lost power to a worthy opponent and you think it’s a yardstick to come out with all that is on your chest and spew it at him. Some of you in NDC have displayed that you never loved Mahama and you were envious of him as a President. I dare say that personally I see none of you as a presidential material.

To you Alban Gbagbin, being in parliament for several decades does not mean you can lead a party. Only God knows what is keeping you there. I had great respect for you but you have disgraced yourself against the former president, the disability society of Ghana and you have truly proven the saying that “when
you dig very deep, you will realise that there is no gentleman on this earth”.

To you Professor Joshua Alabi transforming IPS into UPSA does not make you a nation builder. Okay, apart from UPSA, what else have you achieved in this country that you want to be considered for flagbearership? There are people that are not professors in this country but have built successful schools like Dr. Mensah Otabil, Duncan Williams, Dr. Addo Kuffour etc but they are not babbling like you are doing now. Please if you want to compete, compete and watch your utterances.

To you Dr. Spio Gabrah, I think you are “too known” and that is why nobody is voting for you to become a flagbearer and I doubt if you will ever become a flagbearer much less a president in this country. You need to humble yourself in your speeches and appeal to people as a nice easy going person but the way you talk and the gestures you make at times gives the impression that the whole world is under your feet. Ghanaians don’t want proud leaders neither does God. If you become president in this country I will go and contest for UN Secretary General. Go and ask Akuffo Addo when he was raising himself like a peacock and how Ghanaians made him run three consecutive times. When he learnt humility that is when Ghanaians voted for him.

As for the Atubiga person, I don’t even know him well enough but honestly I think he is not a presidential material judging from his childish utterances, I won’t spare my words. He should go to his parents to learn manners, you don’t tell a former president that presidency is not to demand a second round. My question to him also is, is presidency an arena for people to display their folly?

To all the NDC parliamentarians who claim they were deceived into signing an approval for Mahama, I feel very disappointed in you people. Why do you betray your own like that? What an excuse to say you thought you were signing an attendance sheet? Jesus Christ! Should we trust such people as able legislators? Next time open your eyes wide to sign documents because this excuse befits kingdergarten kids.

The only person I don’t know whether he is contesting or not is Professor Kwasi Botchway, who has not been heard releasing foul words and Goosie Tannor who has also just joined the flagbearership race. We don’t know whether he will later come up with bombshells too.

One Elikplim Lomawor, a lawyer who unfriended me on Facebook because I tell him the truth mostly on his posts has also not been seen saying things so publicly against Mahama but on his Facebook wall he also throws some jabs at Mahama. I think he also has a feeble mind and lacks substance. I will never take him serious any day as a presidential material but may be in his law pursuit.

In all honesty I wish everybody who is contesting a very good luck and may the best person win but I think former President Mahama will win the primaries hands down. Whether he will go on to win the presidency is another thing altogether but my advice to NDC is that a kingdom divided against itself shall not stand so they should watch it.

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