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Quayson Writes : Nadia Buari – The Princess That Never Was

The bible says beauty in the hands of a woman without discretion is like precious pearls in the snout of a pig. A pig would take the precious jewels and go and dip it in the mud or or gutter. When I look at Nadia Buari often times whether on social media or in a movie, I sometimes realise that some people don’t understand the purpose of beauty.

Beauty in itself is a gift from God and like every precious treasure must be valued to high heavens. Beauty they say fades but there is no man on earth that is not attracted to beauty. Beauty makes you an admiration of men and everyone else would want to associate with your kind.

I personally witnessed the very exciting and budding career of Nadia Buari and I must say that I was indeed impressed with her from day one . For once I would say I felt very confident in Ghanaian ladies if we have to export such beauty to the rest of the world in our movie industry.

Despite the fact that Nadia Buari is fair if you even paint her picture to be black she would still be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has presence, charisma and personality. Nadia Buari is a true epitome of beauty if you ask me and I have been one of her admirers for a very long time.

I have always considered the man that will marry this beautiful lady to be a very lucky man. Talk of facial beauty, colour, appearance, expression, neatness, confidence, height, stature etc, Nadia Nuari has it all.

I admired her for a very long time until I heard she was involved with Michael Essien. Well, I said to myself what does a Muslim woman have to do with a Christian man in a relationship and her family is watching? Well, I guess when it comes to money and fame to some families religion does not matter.

Pardon me if you think I am being judgemental here. Not at all. The point is especially for the Muslims its more like a “Haram” for their ladies to be dating or getting married to someone outside their religion but I don’t think Christians have that problem. A Christian can marry anyone from any religion even a worldly person and the bible is not against it but with Muslims you would have to convert to their religion.

So I found it quite strange that her famous father Sidiku Buari, a Muslim, will let her daughter veer off their Muslim beliefs into being the fiance of Michael Essien who is a Christian. By then Michael Essien was at the peak of his career in Chelsea and the whole world followed him and were full of praises for him so I guess the Buari family too decided to cash in on it.

Then I realised she lacked one thing which is virtue, not only her but her family. Immediately I realised she was about the money and fame and not really someone to be considered a serious female celebrity in life or a role model. We heard of how she paraded the Michael Essien cars in town when the young man was out in London playing for his Chelsea FC.

We don’t know what led to the break up between the duos but it would seem neither of them recovered from the break up really as we have seen their fame dwindle quite well in society. Michael Essien never enjoyed the limelight again in football as he later left Chelsea and its as if his football career has taken a dip. Nadia Buari also did not also have so much publicity as she also dipped in her acting career.

I think there is something about fame. Once you enjoy it, you would always want to have it as part of you. I think if a famous person feels he is no more popular it can begin to have a tow on the person psychologically. We don’t know whether if that is what moved Nadia to fall again into the hands of notorious womaniser in Nollywood, Jym Yke.

The issue of this notorious womaniser also came up and this esteemed beauty queen in my eyes fell for this actor and I was taken aback. I mean how can a lady of her calibre have associated herself with such a man who is neither a Muslim too? What is it about Nadia Buari that she does not seem to be dating Muslim men but always Christians although she herself is a Muslim? Is she all about just the fame and youthful exuberance or perhaps no Alhaji has really made impact on her?

This affair and that of Yvonne Nelson with Inyanya made me to lose total respect and admiration for these two seasoned actresses and I think most Ghanaians too. As I very much expected, that relationship also hit the rock. I really have issues with how our Ghanaian lady celebrities offer themselves cheaply to these Nigerians knowing very well that they will be used and dumped. I know Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim and Becca have all gone Nigeria. Well, we wish them well in the Nigerian suitorship pursuit. As for we the Ghanaian men we are less human so you have to cross several borders to go find husbands in Nigeria. We wish these adventurous celebrities well.

It didn’t take long before the expected happened. The relationship between Nadia and Jym hit the rocks. That of Yvonne Nelson also hit the rock. We were all surprised especially how these love birds attended events and displayed affection on social media. As usual it is as a result of cheating allegations against Jym something Nadia cannot claim she did not know about Jym before letting down her panties for him or jumping too quickly into his bed. Such a waste of a queenly beauty when other men would have idolised such beauty. Yvonne was also dumped too well with her open display of heart attack on social media. Juliet Ibrahim also got dumped by her Nigerian rapper boyfriend, Iceberg.

Are our female celebrities serious at all? Anyway not too long we heard Nadia was pregnant and Yvonne Nelson too became pregnant. I guess once you go Nigeria, the next thing that happens after your break up will be pregnancy. We are waiting to see if Juliet Ibrahim will also get pregnant for another man after she also got dumped by Iceberg.

Its not only pregnancy that is the new trend now after they get dumped by Nigerian men but it seems after Nigeria, the next thing is white men. Yvonne went in for a white guy, a photographer, and Nadia too made us believe her twins had a white father just for us to hear that Mahama is the father of the twins.

So Micheal Essien was with Akosua Puni along the line when Nadia was in the picture some where, they broke up, she goes in for Jym Yke, breaks up, gets pregnant for a “white man” and it turns out that Ex-president Mahama, a married man, may be the father of her twins.

Honestly I am confused and very much disappointed in Nadia because I considered her an epitome of beauty, a shinning light, a role model for the girl child and a princess but all the life she has lived and the examples she has set is rather the opposite of these attributes. Certainly Nadia Buari is not the Princess I ever thought she was and has really let down the purpose of beauty in my estimation.